Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is my life

Here I am, Tuesday night, it's 3am, am talking with my friend Ryan, have had quite a few drinks, just went outside for a smoke, and saw that it was snowing. Then I had an amazing realisations. THIS IS MY LIFE!!!!! From now on, it is mine. My responsibility. Only mine. No one else's. My decisions, my choices. What I want out of my life, I will have to do, work for, get, accomplish, figure out, all that. But now it's only up to me. I'm far away from family and friends, and the only person I have to rely on is myself. This is my life and my life alone. I hadn't realised this before. I was living someone else's expectations, doing what was normal and common, but not anymore. Now, this is my life. I will do what I want, figure out what is good for me and be where I want to be , go where I want to go, because this IS MY LIFE!!! How wonderful is that :D

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Anonymous said...

It’s very glamorous, but one of the most difficult too: to be FREE. Luckily, you are not a novice, but have quite a few years behind you, and mature enough too to realise that freedom doesn’t mean to do the opposite as your parents told you or the mainstream is.
Handle TIME sparsely (it’s never enough), THINK twice (you cannot go back) and weight the ESSENTIALS.
And in need, I’m around the corner ...