Monday, June 28, 2010

Sujata and Sandra last visit

This was in June, before my vacation. I went down to Gwangju, which is about 6 hours by bus from my town. I took the bus. It was a loooooooong ride. It was worth it though. I got to spend a wonderful weekend with two amazing ladies. Sujata from the States, and Sandra from Tasmania.
We had lots of wine, had a wonderful picnic, went to a local foreigner bar and met some other cool people there. And then we said goodbye.
Who knows if we’ll see each other again.

Here are some of the wonderful pictures of the wonderful memories :)

It was a very short weekend, but so worth it!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I want

After I come back to Canada and finish teachers college, I want to take 1 or 2 years and:

- learn quilting

- learn glass blowing

- learn bushcraft

- work on a horse ranch

- plant trees

- learn to cook real well

- help build a building

- pose for a nude painting at a studio

- learn to chop wood

- learn to make a fire

- visit my friends in Germany, England, US, Australia

- make my own fishing rod and go on a fishing trip

- learn about edible mushrooms and other plants

- find a man who can be part of this

Western Food

It's the end of the month again.

As usual, I'm down to no money.

This month I'm also down to no food. No fresh food that is.

It's been some time since I was able to just buy something that I really wanted to eat. Something healthy, something delicious, something that reminded me of home, something western.

It's the end of the month again.

On Friday I'm getting paid, and I have to decide how much money I will invest on food for this month.

I have to decide how many wester/expensive things I will indulge in this month.

Will I buy some cheese? Some sour cream? Some dill pickles?

What I would really like is some pudding. Some delicious vanilla pudding. And some salami. Oh...

I would like to make healthy food a priority.

I would like not to feel sad when I look in my fridge.

I would like not to feel homesick when I think about good food.


All of this is my choice.

For now, I can just close my eyes and fantasize about walking into a big grocery store in Canada with a big shopping cart, $100 in my pocket and an appetite. Walking up and down the isles, looking at all the variety of awesome things, the yogurt, the meat, the cheese, the fresh produce, the snacks, the junk on the impulse racks. The colourful boxes and packages. The sale price tags. The samples in the bakery area. The people with super full carts. The people picking through the produce for the best and least bruised. The misters spraying the veggies to stay fresh.

All those wonderful things that I used to take for granted.

I can just dream for now :).