Saturday, April 28, 2007

April Hike (late post)

Alright, so I need to post on here how the weekend went.

I went on a hiking trip with the Seoul Hiking club to Muiido island. It was quite an adventure, it took me 2.5 hours to get to the meeting spot, it was still in Seoul but at the west end, and well, it was really foggy so we had to wait for the visibility to get better but it didn't, so we didn't end up going to that island but we went to another.

We hiked up this crazy steep mountain, and the hikers were all quite experienced so it felt more like a race up and then down the mountain instead of a nice hike to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. In any case, it was a good workout.

 After that we went to the beach and rented some little huts for the night and went to the nearby restaurant and had some amazing seafood. Oysters on the grill... yuuumy, and then naturally, the alcohol started being brought out: Mekju (beer), Soju (rice liquor) and Makkoli (rice wine), wow... and then we found some other foreigners down the beach, they were having a big birthday party bonfire and so we brought some Mekju and Soju and joined their party.

We had a guitar, they had a drum and partied till we either went to bed, passed out, or somehow ended up back in our own cabins. In any case it was absolutely amazing. Coming back, I took a bus that took me pretty close to where I live and oh, was that ever a comfortable bus-ride... had suuuch a nice nap.

I met some really awesome people there and hopefully I'll meet up with them again.

Here are some pictures of me, the ferry, oh and the horse I rode at the beach, the huts we stayed in, the oysters on the grill and some pictures of the people I met. Enjoy the beautiful scenery :)

This is one of the many ferries we went on to get to the island.

There is actually an island in there somewhere, but the mist is so thick it's hardly visible.

Me on the boat, so that makes me kind of a FOB on Muiido island... HAHAHA :)

These are all little seafood restaurants on the shore.

This is the beach and part of the mountain range in the back. These are the little huts we spent the night in. They were very warm because the floor was heated, but they weren't very comfortable.

This area is very shallow and at low tide all this water goes away and you can walk for quite a while out and not get to water. It's quite amazing. You see little crabs and all sorts of life on the ground.

Hiking, this is at the top of the mountain and that is the beach at the bottom. It was a nice hike.

Me, all exhausted, resting on a rock. Awww, how nice :)

Walking down the mountain, we see the beach again. Oh look, the water is coming back in.

The ocean floor at low tide. People walking and collecting oysters and other things.

Found some mating crabs :), awwww, how romantic.

Found a stranded star-fish.

And here is the celebrating BBQ. Oysters, shells and other fancy things.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yummyness :)


The rest of the hikers enjoying the shell-fish.

With enough alcohol, the spoon singing came out. With enough alcohol, it actually sounded quite good. Hahahaha :)

Walking through the dark, probably drunk, looking for a place to pee.

The other group we met, they had a guitar too, and we were up, all huddled around the fire, trying to ignore the rain and the cold. Oh what a good night.

Don't they look cold? But oh so happy :D.

In the morning before we left, I took a ride on a horse. Horse, beautiful beach, but no sun, very cold... but still very nice :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Recovered to my regular happy self

Well, the storm has passed (metaphorically speaking, because it's actually raining outside) and I am good again. Have reclaimed my neighborhood and don't care about the stares anymore.

I went and observed another school for a day and saw how they run their kinder classes and it was really helpful. I got to analyze not only their way of doing things but also my own technique and I have learned a lot. I have been applying it to my own classes and it has been working really good. Slowly the kids will learn and remember the rules :).

This weekend I'm going with the Seoul Hiking club ( to Deokjeok Island on a 2 day trip. Looking forward to get active again.

I have started wearing brighter colours and lighter things instead of my usual black, grey, brown and blue outfits. It's a nice change :)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Whinding down

After a whole day sitting in bed, watching Sex and the City and finishing all 6 seasons, I've finally mustered up the energy and to the sound of Gipsy Kings have started cleaning up my appartment, throwing out the garbage and putting myself back together. I was doing my laundry, I was putting away my clothes, and there in my closet, was a shirt my mum gave me, a bright yellow-butten up-short sleeved-dressy shirt that smelled just like her, this sweet and strong perfume that would linger in the air for days after... and I took a big wiff and I just started crying. I wouldn't have thought, after 6 years of living on my own and away from home I would miss my mum so much. I know I am stronger than this, but on a day like this, when all the people I love are so far away and all I have is Gipsy Kings and raging hormones, I can't help think about what I have left behind. I know in the morning after a good nights sleep in a clean and tidy appartment I will be all smiles again.

I'll stop writing here before I make all of you cry :).

I love you all and don't forget about me, I love to hear all the little details from your lives even though you might think they are mundane and insignificant :). I might not always have the time to reply, but believe me, I read them and love every little bit of it :).

Monday, April 9, 2007

This was on Saturday at the Cherry Blossom Tree Festival in Yeouido Park. There were soooo many people it was unbelievable. Lots of street food everywhere, music and white flowers that made the trees look snow covered. I went with Jody and a friend of hers Kathy. I hope you'll all enjoy these pictures. At the very bottom, you can see a picture that was taken from the cab back to Itaewon. You can see the yellow dust in the air, or pollution, I don't know what it was, but it definitely hurt your throat to breath.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Some pictures

There are some pictures taken from the last trip to the Science Center, on the bus and there and at the playground. Enjoy :)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Amazing shower

So, today I finally was able to have a good shower. The way the hot water works here, is you have to heat it up. There is a heating unit in the room, you push the button to one side to heat the floor or to the other side to heat the water. There's no reservoir or anything where hot water is heated and stored, so I have no idea how this works, but I could never get hot water for more than a minute, then it would be scalding hot after which it would go back to being freezing cold. So I had those quick wash ups. Today, I left the heater on for the water all day, and took a shower when I got back and OH MY GOD!!!!! I just stood there basking in the warmth. I never thought I'd enjoy a shower soooooo much. I feel so squeeky clean now :D hehehe.

Alright, off to bed, it's already waay past my bedtime.

What a day...

So, this is what happened today: 6 hours on the subway, countless naps, 2 destinations, one missed appointment, 2 hours of prep done before 10pm (amazingly incredible), some wonderful street food (sweet vanilla pancakes with an egg inside, squishy rice flour 'muffins', creaaamy yogurt, huge bottle of orange juice, almost got strawberries too, but I'll do that another day), and to top it all off, I peed my pants. I don't know if it's the spicy food or the air or the water here or I don't know... but I have to pee sooo often, and today... well, my boss stoped me on my run to the bathroom and I couldn't cut him off and ups... luckily it wasn't visible. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! What can I say, it's one of those things. What a day, I tell you... the subway is convenient because it can get you everywhere, but this city is just waaay to big and having to use the subway is such a pain in the ass in the end.

I'm getting over my cold, slowly, lots of orange juice and kimchee :) hehehe. It's this yellow dust that's blowing over from China. I think it's time to get one of those surgical face masks and do like the Koreans do and wear it outside. On some days you can taste it and see it in the air.

Last week I went to Itaewon, an area that is full of foreigners. Wow, it was a strange world. Felt like Toronto a bit, it had people from all over the world and everyone spoke English. Straaange.

This weekend I will buy a cell phone. Get a used one from Itaewon for 60 dollars. That's as cheap as they come I hear. Sucks real bad but what else can I do? Now that I know a few more people, it's really hard to keep in touch and know who is where and who wants to do what and when. So this will be my 2nd big spending besides my guitar, which is pretty good :).

This weekend is the Cherry Tree Blossom Festival and I'll be out all weekend taking many MANY pictures. Keep checking here for them :).

Monday, April 2, 2007

Spot me in the Video :)

So, after getting sick, I heard there was a yellow dust warning. I had no idea what that was and even if I knew what that was, I wouldn't understand the warning. Yellow dust is something that comes over from China and is really bad if breathed in. That's why a lot of people wear them breathing guards/masks on their faces to block the polluted air.

Anyways, I've got a cold now, sore throat, runny nose, woozy head, but I'll survive. I've got Buckley's brought straight from Canada which will fix me up within a day :D.

My new friend Jody send me a link with a video that was taken at the concert that I went to on Saturday. Here it is :). I was in the front row right in front of the trombone player, to the right of a guy with a white shirt and hat. I don't know if you can see me but let me know if you do :). I was wearing a black shirt, so it might be a bit hard.

Enjoy :D

Saturday night (where I went)
You can actually see me in this video :D. If you look straight ahead in the video, there's a guy with a light brown hat, I'll show up on his right at around 1:23 on the little video :). I think that's when I was going out to the bathroom :) hahaha. Good timing with the video, otherwise only the back of my head would be visible. Anyways, enjoy :).

Friday night (at another place what was much bigger and someone with a better camera was there filming) (1_1) (1_2) (2_1) (2_2) (3) (4_1) (4_2) (5) (6) (7)