Saturday, June 27, 2009


I used to have nightmares about zombies. They represented hopelessness for me. I used to have these nightmares when I would feel lost in life and feel like there is no way out.

Well, last night I had a dream about zombies. This time it was very different. The zombie was me. It wasn't the typical zombie scene where it's chasing you down the street, but this time it was me. I became a zombie. It wasn't one of them nasty looking zombies with peeling tissue and missing body pieces. No, the only thing that showed I was a zombie was the pale skin, and the attacking outbursts where I would try to bite someone. Before that would happen I would start to shake violently. Well, I had a brother, and at first my parents, with all their love tried to make me control my outbursts. Besides that I was pretty normal, but the more crazy outbreaks I would have, the more I would loose what made me human. One time I attacked my brother and turned him into a zombie too. After that I realized I had to be really careful and control myself really well. Anyways, jumping over a huge part of the action, I ended up at this sanctuary with my brother. There were a lot of other people there, mostly young people, who were hiding from whoever was hunting them. There was a teacher there who was trying to teach everyone to keep writing and keep practicing being human and to not give in to them tremors. Then I ended up in Korea, I think because they didn't really know anything about zombies there. By that time, I had lived way longer than any other person turned zombie, and I had managed to control myself so well that I was able to teach at university and no one had a clue what I was. An agency that was hunting me down to study me had found me, so I had to run away. Being a zombie, I felt a bit like being a super hero. Not because I was saving peoples lives and such, no, but because I had to hide my identity and because I started having greater strength. I was running, and I jumped, started flapping my arms and took off in flight. I flew for a while, and landed close to some small Korean houses. I went close and knocked on the door. The custom was, if a stranger goes to someone's house, that means they are looking for a bed and a meal. The family there had many kids, but they were happy to help me out. I went out for a walk, and realized that these people don't know what a zombie is. And here I was not a new and out-of-control zombie, but one that is not a danger but just a regular person. They were the first to encounter a zombie, and I was nice and they didn't even know anything was different about me.

Then I woke up.

What a strange dream.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

In my head

I want to say stuff but it's not coming out.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why I'm here

So, now that it's warm outside, there are a million of things to do. You can go hiking, camping, visit people in different cities, go rafting, go on various trips with various activity groups, go out to the local clubs, oh there are so many things you can do.

And then I look in my wallet. I've got 250 bucks for the entire month, and still 28 days until I get paid again. After sending a big chunk of money home, and after paying my bills here, I don't have much left for entertainment.

I feel guilty sometimes for being so antisocial but then I look at what I'll have accomplished by the end of the year. I'll have paid almost all of my debt and be free of an enormous burden.

I don't understand how other people do it. How do they manage to spend more than 100 bucks per night when going out, shopping, eating at restaurants, going here and there and still managing to pay off their debt?

I know I can't do both. I've already been here more than 2 years and first part of that time I've spent a lot of time doing these kind of activities. Traveling, meeting people, shopping, dining out and generally having a really good time. I've managed to pay very little towards my loans during that time.

Now, I've realized what I have to do and well, I'm sticking to my guns. It's too easy to get swept up in all the fun and games.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Teachers BBQ in Geojin (June 2009)

Can you believe that I still haven't posted this stuff?? Seriously!!

Alright, so this is a teachers BBQ we had behind the Gym building. It was June, 2009, and the weather was fantastic. I was skinnier back then. 

Cutting some wood for the fire.

This is how the fire is lit in Korea. A gas canister!! Blowtorch it until it's all lit!!

We had lots of delicious stuff there.

And we also had a big tub of marinated chicken. YUM!

And LOADS of Soju. 

These were my 2 co-teachers. Mrs Kim on the left, and Mrs Choi on the right. Mrs Choi left and moved to Gangneung :(

The teacher in the front with the white jacket is my favorite. She's the moral arts teacher and she's the only one of the non English Korean teachers who continued to try to learn English from me, and she always tried to speak to me in the little English that she did speak. She also had a really cool style.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My mom

After 2 and a half years of separation, mother and daughter reunite. This is the havoc and consequently, evidence that has been gathered over those 7 days in May.

My lovely mom.

This is what my mom did first.

This is what I got!!!!!!!!!!



My lovely mom in Geojin.

On Geojin beach with my mum.

My mom is very happy here :).

On the beach again. The water was really cold.

She ran away.

I'm not going in.

Who's the cute lady?

Awww, me and Geojin beach.

Geojin pier.

I'm looking at the algae.

Those are really nice bathrooms.

My mom posing :).

Sokcho market.

Mmmm, lots of fish.

Tierd, soo tierd.

Pretty pretty flowers in Sokcho.

My mum loves these flowers.

My mum likes these flowers too.

Walking around in Sokcho with my mum.

The subway in Seoul was decorated with flowers and crab.

I think it was some sort of crab festival.

After we went to the embassy.

There is a wheel in the background.

Me and the wheel.

Who's got a big head now eh?!

Ok, now I'm going to walk up to the temple close to Anguk station.

I love this picture. My mom is so cute :)


The tree was sticking out of that carpet of lanterns.

We were a week late for the lantern festival, but it was all still very pretty.