Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Old pictures of me

These are some pictures I snuck out of my baby album to scan, upload and shared with the world.

Me and my sister. (February 1, 1983)

Cute little me. (March 2, 1983)

I burned my finger in the radiator. Awwww. (April 3, 1983)

Me and my Godmother. I think this is where I realize how darn cute I am. (August 4, 1983)

My grandma reading a book to my sister and me. I must have been really impressed. Just look at my face. (December 5, 1983)

My sister and me playing outside somewhere. This was before the invention of computers, electronic games and TV addictions. (August 6, 1983)

My mom and dad, my sister and me. I'm the little one. My sister and me competing for the cutest munchkin award. My sis is the clear winner here :). (September 7, 1984)

My sister and me with your fox fur hats. I personally hated mine because everyone stared at me and it made me extremely uncomfortable to be stared at. I understand that we looked very VERY cute in them, but still, did not like it. (December 8, 1985)

Here I was at a dress up event for my kindergarten. I was Red Riding Hood. (May 9, 1986)

I think this was at my grandmothers house in Brasov. (August 10, 1988)

This picture was totally staged. It's in the kitchen. I'm one with the purple dress. Awww! (August 11, 1989)

Here we were on a trip to Germany. I loved those pants. I remember the pockets. I loved the feel and the fact that they weren't short, nor long. Really, loved those pants. (August 12, 1990)

Hm, I don't really know the story of this picture. (August 13, 1990)

It must have been some party. And we were probably snuck a bit of the alcohol and were a bit drunk. On the left is me and my best friend Roxana, and on the right is my sister and her best friend Cristina. Cristina and Roxana were sisters. (March 14, 1992)

Me, my mum, and my sis getting a professional picture done. (May 15, 1992)

WoW!! Is that me? Yup, that's me! (August 16, 1992)

Me at Christmas. The stuffed toy was from my dad. (December, 1992)

Here we were on vacation at the Black Sea. I was thoroughly tanned. Loved those shorts. So thin and comfy! (August 18, 1993)

New years party! Wow! I remember that shirt as well. Loved it too :). (1993)

Mom, sister and me visiting Bran castle. Do you recognize my shorts?? (June 20, 1994)

At the Black Sea collecting sea shells. Gorgeous from an early age, I now :)!! (August 21, 1994)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Skydiving Video

Here it is :).


Monday, September 19, 2011

Adrenaline Weekend Part 2 - Sept 17/18 2011

Adrenaline Weekend Part 1 - Sept 17

So, this weekend was action packed!! I got to Seoul pretty late at night, around 1am, because as usual, I didn't want to rush and hurry to get there.

I stayed overnight at a new Sauna and had a good sleep.

I had to wake up really early though because that morning, I had registered to go Skydiving. YES!!! Finally :)

So, at about 8:30am I got to the Han river in Seoul, and walked around for about 1 hour until I found the group. Jamie was the guy that let me know this was going on and reserved my spot for the day.

This was a special opportunity. 10,000 feet tandem jump from a helicopter on the Han River in Seoul with special permission from the Korean government, together with ex hardcore military Korean dudes! Totally worth it!

Here, we are getting instructions on what to do when we're up in the air and plummeting to the earth uncontrollably.

This is my tandem guy getting me all set up.

OMG!! This is it! There's no turning back!!

This is it!!

This is where we'll sit just before we jump out.

Can you see the horror on my face as I watch crazy people jump out of a flying machine!!!!!!!???????

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!  (That's what I was actually saying.)



I'm still smiling :)


Oh thank GOD the parachute is coming out!!!



I need some help to get up.

My heart is trying to jump out of my chest!

Did I really just do that?? Oh, and I love my hair!

After this, I left and went to a convenience store where I parked my ass outside for about 30 minutes and had myself a cold and wonderful beer.

WHOA!!! What an amazing experience!!

Video to come soon :)