Saturday, April 26, 2008

I miss you

When you're not here, I wait and day-dream about when you are here. When you are here, I have a hard time thinking of anything else. When I know I'm going to see you soon I can't concentrate on what I'm doing and can't wait to be with you and cuddle. I miss you right now even though you are in the room with me, but that's still too far.

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Unknown said...

Ciao, soro. N-am mai venit aici de mult timp si doar acuma am citit ultimele doua mesaje cu maimutoii. Sper ca te simti mai bine acuma. Mi-ar fi placut sa fiu acolo si sa-ti dau un 'bear hug' si sa te servesc din 'barul' meu de ciocolata. Aaa, ti-am zis? Am acasa la mine in permanenta 'a healthy supply' de alcool si ciocolata. Haha. Sper ca te simti mai bine, soro. Love you,miss you. Mona