Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Canada Trip [July 25th - Aug 13th]

After a long time... here are some of the pictures and experiences during my visit to Canada.

Well, the surprise worked. The only person who knew of my arrival was my sister, and she did a good job of not mentioning anything.

I called from the airport and told my dad I need a ride. He figured it out pretty quickly. I'm glad no one had a heart attack or any severe reaction to my surprise visit :).

It was strange to be back. So much space everywhere. Wide roads, lots of grassy open areas, playgrounds, people from different ethnic backgrounds... and on top of that, there was English everywhere and I could understand everything.

Everything seemed to have changed, but nothing really changed. It was all just me. I had changed a lot in these 2.5 years since I'd been in Canada.

I was able to compare the two countries, the people, the customs, the food... Korea has a lot of good things.

What struck me realty hard tho, was the wealth in Canada. Everyone had SO MUCH!!!! Yet no one seemed to be rich, happy, having an easier time because of all they had materially. Big houses, lots of cars, beautiful parks, lots of grocery stores that were stocked with a HUGE variety of products, shopping malls with beautiful clothes. When were people going to be happy?? How much more do you want in material possessions?

Anyways, being there in Toronto and in Guelph made me see things quite differently.

I'm very happy I got to go and evaluate my goals and dreams and thoughts.

Here are some of the pictures :).

This is the first plane I flew with. From Seoul, South Korea to Japan. It was a very nice flight.

This was the company I flew with for the rest of my trip. Well, I really wasn't impressed with their service. They have become very cheap.

First thing first... Russian grocery store. WOW!!!! These were picked things, and jarred veggie spreads and jams an WHOAAAAAAAA!! I had to take a picture.

More delicious stuff. Are you drooling yet?

Oh cold cuts... sooo good. I'm drooling now.

And cheese... I've only started liking cheese a lot since I've been in Korea and deprived of real cheese.

Whoa!! Got no idea what these things are but they looks sooo delicious!!!!!

Salads. Fresh salads. Wow. Imagine having this in your house. WoW!

Pastries. Mmmmmmmmmm

I never knew there were so many varieties of Ritter Sport. I want some.....

And now some cakes. The one on the middle rack at the far right is my favorite!!!!

And normal dill pickles.


My parents back yard.



My mom :)

My dad.

The lakes.

Tucker in Guelph. Short hair looks so much better on you :).

Doesn't this look nice? Fork and knife at a regular restaurant.

Chelsea and Francis.

Is that my foot?

My sisters fridge. There is a lot of alcohol there.

Livi, what are you doing?

That's right :)


Some weird cement thingy.

Livi, you take awesome pictures.

CN tower, Canada flag, beautiful sky. :)

Centre Island. I can't imagine people actually living there. It's just one big park. Lots of green, geese and picnic tables.

Beautiful :)

Hahahaha, I just had to do that :).

Ok, smile and wait for the click.

Minu and her awesome mom. Hopefully I'll be able to come and visit India soon :).

Muntasir, Tamima and me. After a very long time.

Hm, I've started to enjoy pink.

Livi, Joy and me, last day of visits.

Amazing view of downtown Toronto.

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