Monday, October 5, 2009

Chuseok Weekend (Oct 2 - Oct 4)

So, it was the Korean Thanksgiving. I got Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday off. And Thursday I had only 2 classes in the morning so I left soon after that on Thursday and went to Wonju. I had a big backpack, 2 tents and a bag of food. It was great :).

We are first at the camp site. We obviously take the best spot. Make the fire pit and set up our chairs :)

Lisa and Anthony's tent.

My tent. Yay :)

Jerry's tent.

Done with the tent, done with the food, the wind is blowing, and I'm heading out to get some wood.

Lisa is waiting with the rope so we can go help the boys get some wood.

Jerry and Anthony cut all this up, now it has to be taken to the camp site.

Jerry is thinking...

Anthony and Lisa are thinking...

Yay!! Here we go.

We had a beautiful beach. Some people went swimming, but as you can see, I have my orange sweater on. It was pretty cold out there.

Our fire :).

This is after we ate. I brought some marinated pork, and also veggies and potatoes wrapped in foil, but I didn't think of taking pictures of that.

We had 2 guitars, and 2 drums.

We were singing and drinking.

I was warming my feet by the fire.

The fire was really good.

Lisa made breakfast on Saturday. We had real bacon and lots of eggs. That was really good.

Manly man doing manly things. A bunch of us were talking about our hair, and all of a sudden he just picked up that log and started sawing away.

I'm currently reading this book.

This is the next book I'll have to read.

This will be book #3 to read.

And this will be #4.

No no, I don't need a lighter, I've got a stick and a fire, this works better.

Keeping the cooler cool. The rocks are there so the cooler won't float away or roll over.

We were in a bit of a canyon there. The water was incredibly clear, and at night you could hear the bats flying and squeaking everywhere.

That's a train bridge. Every once in a while there would be a passenger train going by. Everyone felt the need to look at it every time it passed. I like the sound of the train.

Some people went swimming...

Saturday rock climbing.

Jerry being nice.

Some other people climbing. They all looked so professional.

Lisa was done with the climbing, so we headed back to our camp.

And we saw a snake on the way.

It was really pretty. There were a lot of snakes around. All the same as this one.

Saturday night after the curry and Lisas amazing Kimchi Chigae, we went to the beach and made a big bonfire.

It started to rain and we all ran for cover, but it didn't last long and were able to get back to the fire :).

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Eddie Ma said...

Hehe -- did you include a photo of your collapsed tent, or is that just the angle that the picture was taken?