Monday, June 11, 2012

Deserted Island Camping - June 9,10

This was my first camping trip of the year. It was to a deserted island on the west coast of Korea. Because we had to catch a series of ferries, we had to leave early in the morning, and because I couldn't get to Seoul early in the morning, I had to come Friday night and stay the night in a sauna and then leave in the morning.

I met up with some cool people that I hadn't seen in some time. This is Braam and Nadia. They are from South Africa. I'm in a really awesome alcove.

It feels nice and cozy to sleep in there. I don't have to worry that someone's going to steal my phone while I sleep.

This was in the morning. We had to catch a 6am bus, which would take about 1 hour to get to the main dock.

This is Clare and her boyfriend. I don't remember where she's from. Maybe Canadian... hm... 


And here we are on the big ferry boat, taking us to one of the islands. There were so many seagulls following us, and people were trowing them chips, or just holding them out, and the birds swooped down and grabbed everything we gave them. It was so entertaining.

Then, once we got on the main island, we took a smaller boat, a fishing boat actually, to take us to our little island. This is our fearless guide.

And this is all our stuff.

And food.

And this is the cutest dog in the whole world.

Believe it or not, she is a mutt. She's a mix of something or other. She's fully grown now, maybe she'll just fill up. But she's short and small and super energetic, and cuuuuuuute!!

This is where we were. I took a picture of our location. You can see Seoul on the right, then Incheon, where the airport is, then where I was, on a little island.

The island name is: Seungbong Island

This was the main eating tent were our fearless leader William set up the kitchen and shade next to it.

I got the wine ready. I was preparing the music, I had a gas range, a pan and my ingredients ready.

Shrimp coconut yellow curry on the beach!! Fantastic!!

Jasmine is in the blue bikini.

The tide was out, so the water was very far away.

This was William, our leader, preparing a superb dinner for the carb eaters. 

In the evening, we started gathering wood and building a fire.

I don't know where I was going. Oh, maybe to the bathroom...

And then the sun set. 

Braam and Nadia were enjoying their burger with chips and salad. I was a little bit jealous. It looked and smelled delicious.

This is quite a few hours into the night. After my 2nd bottle of wine, and now warming up by the fire, leaning on Braam for some back support.

Yaaay fireworks and sparklers.

Morning mist. It was very eerie.

The mist kept coming and going.

My tent pole broke, as you can see from my sad looking tent on the left. I was in there taking an afternoon nap. It was really hot outside. 

Waky waky. What time is it?? UGH!

Aww! My poor little tent. But you know, for 20$ at Canadian Tire bought over 8 years ago, this tent has served me well, had a full life, and now was ready for retirement.

Firework carnage!

There were so many crab homes. All these little holes was a home for a little shy crab. I actually dug one up, just to see what it looks like. It took about 5 minutes. It was really deep. Sneaky little buggers.

There's that mist again.

I was looking for a perfect spot. 

Sunday beach game. Something involving drinking, a Frisbee, and a beer can on a stick. Hmmm?

In the afternoon, we packed up our stuff and started heading back. The dogs were all ready to head back home.

On the main island, I was this SUPER cute little kid. She had these overalls, and had a really cute hat, and big smile and a watermelon ball. whoa! I had to take a picture.

WonderPup is chilling out. It can't get any cuter than that!

Oh, we were so lucky!! Jasmine, had a car, and gave us a ride back to the city. We avoided the insane traffic, and having to wait for the local bus, and go with the bus for over 1 hour. I wouldn't have been able to make the last bus to my town otherwise.

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