Sunday, July 1, 2012

5km - 1nd Marathon, Gangneung - July 1, 2012

Yesterday I ran my first marathon.

It was amazing!!!!

It was only 5km, but for someone who has never run before, didn't practice running, and until recent was overweight, running this marathon was absolutely amazing!!

I'm hooked!

Today I'm going to the Nike store and buying the chip that goes in your shoe and records your running stats. It can tell you your running speed, your distance, your time and calories burned. I've got an iPod touch so the Nike program is already installed there.

I have a track close to my house where I can go and practice for the next marathon.

For the first time, I did 5km in 42:46 minutes. WOW!!

We all did a funny face. There are better ones of normal faces. Waiting for people to upload them and pass them on. Until then, this is all I got.

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