Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend pictures

So, it's Friday, I just got off of work, it's the day before Chusok (the Korean Thanksgiving), and am wearing these nice jeans, a pink shirt (YES, you read right, I was wearing a pink shirt) and the lighting in my room was really good. These pictures just had to be taken. So here are some of them :).

So here I am in this really nice and comfy armchair I salvaged from the garbage that the next door furniture store threw out. It's actual leather and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Can you see how long my hair is?? Can you see the degree of pinkishness I have become to feel comfortable in?? It's not only pink, but it's baby pink. It's really cute actually :P.

That's me being all silly and such.

Oh my, there's someone on the bed. Aw... so peaceful :)

I also got a very artsy inspiration and I stayed up for a few hours and painted the side of this little ugly cupboard. I got some more colours today so I will finish painting the rest of it :).


Anonymous said...

Hey Pinkie ...
The picture in which you are looking up, is really nice. Your dark hair, eyebrows and the necklace really matches that ... err ... pink skirt.
Curious to see that painting finished. Asian thinking!?

Anonymous said...

The beauty of a blog WITH comments is that you end up with a lot of stuff, nice AND bad, smart AND stupid, pleasant AND embarrassing. It’s what people are thinking at that very moment what makes it so appealing FOR EVERYBODY at the end.

Anonymous said...

... we want pictures ... we want pictures ... we want pictures ...