Sunday, September 9, 2007

Seoraksan National Park

Ok, so I finally went on another trip with this adventure club. It wasn't as good as the other trips just because the hot springs weren't working and they didn't really inform us of that and the bus ride there and back was torture. Besides that, the scenery was absolutely breath taking. I took some pictures and videos that I'll put up here. Enjoy :).

This is a map of the area and the many trails, rivers and mountains.

I went up the cable cart to the top. Was too lazy to walk all the way up :).

Amazing scenery everywhere.

Found myself a nice rock to pose on :).

It was really windy up there, hence my hair flying everywhere.

I didn't even realize the ocean was just over there. It looks like the world just ends there.

There was a temple with an incredible statue at the base of the mountain.

Wildlife seen in this national park: A squirrel, a praying mantis and a small iguana.

It was night, I was alone, it was cool, I had a beer, I was barefoot, the water was amazing, the sound was mesmerizing, and I was hypnotised. I just stood there for the longest time, couldn't move or look anywhere else.

Hiking path up the mountain along a rocky river.

The classic feet shot :).

One of the many waterfalls in the area.

I had to soak my feet in the water. It was so cold and fresh wow :).

Root labyrinth. The forest was so beautiful and you could still hear some cicadas. Mix all that with the sound of water in the background, and you have a mini paradise.

There were these beautiful bridges all over the place. The contrast of the white rocks, blue sky and brown bridge was stunning.

Found another puddle so naturally I had to soak my feet in that too :D.

On the way back to Seoul at one of the rest stops, there were all these wood carvings. Does it remind you of something or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

Well, you are fortunate.
Well, you are lucky.
And, well, you are looking good too.
Well ...

Unknown said...

Well, Dana, regarding those carvings, eu ma gandeam la sculpturile lui Toader, dar cine stie la ce te gandeai tu..... hehehe. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Asa cum spune si tata esti norocoasa ca poti vedea atatea locuri frumoase la asa departare. Nu toti v-om reusi asa ceva chiar daca ne dorim din tot sufletul.
Singurul lucru trist, intr-un fel, este ca te bucuri de toate aceste peisaje nemaipomenite de una singura. Dar nu pierde speranta si nici increderea in prietenie si iubire ca sant sigura ca vei gasi ceea ce cauti.

Cu drag,