Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cooking and random pics

So finally, after nearly 8 months I have actually cooked something. I bought a whole bunch of different mushrooms, which are really cheap here, some onions, carrots and a whole roasted chicken stuffed with rice, garlic and ginseng. Cooked the mushrooms, carrots and the onions and then mixed the chicken (with stuff) and the mushroom mix. WOW!!!!! soooo yummy :D.

I have also finally decided on my trip for next summer. I'm going to Europe :D.

April 2 - April 13 -- Spain
April 15 - April 26 -- Germany
April 27 - May 10 -- Switzerland
May 21 - June 1 -- Austria
June 3 - June 14 -- France
June 18 - June 29 -- Belgium
July 2 - July 13 -- Poland

Then off to Hungary for a couple of days, then Romania and then back to Korea to start another contract in August. There won't be much time between the countries to go and visit the countries themselves, but I'll have a little bit of time between Switzerland and Austria to travel around the neighbouring countries. I don't know about that yet, but that's something I'll have to figure out when I'm there.

So, here are some recent pictures of me :)

This was a field trip with the kids, and we went on a merry-go-round. Wheeee, look look, I'm riding the horsey :)

Dana the hippie. New hat, new sweater, new jacket, new bag, and amazingly, they all matched. I was very wonderfully surprised :).

That was me around Moran subway station, walking around trying to find the infamous dog market. We didn't find it, but ended up walking through the winding roads and alleys filled with crammed houses and apartment buildings. Very interesting looking.

This was the first day of fall, and I was absolutely freezing. The scarf came out, I wore long-johns and an undershirt.


Anonymous said...

Meeeen, are you hippie ...
And where is that picture you did on the cupboard side and promised to post?
Interesting plans for Europe, but you would end up rather tired from your "vacation", wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look so cold, but if you say was cold then I believe you. The Europe trip looks great but I don't see Italy(Florence, Venice, Rome, Tuscany) and Czech Rep. or at least Prague, you do have to go to Prague. Anyway, still have time to adjust or make changes. Good plan.
I envy you that you can do all this. For now I'm just dreaming.

Take care and I, personally, enjoy everything you put on this blog.