Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cambodia and Thailand pictures

After a long time... here are the pictures :).

Cambodia :)

Jose and Link. Awesome travel buddies :)

Yay :)

Yaaay, monkeys :)

Museum in Cambodia.

Relaxing in front of some museum.

Broken statue of Visnu.

Shopping, shopping, shopping, and guess what, more shopping :D

Love them coconuts. WHOA!!!

Mmmm, co co nuts!

The food was so delicious.

More food.

And more food.

And even more food.

Whoa, some more food :).

Love this tree and the roots. It's a famous shot.

Insane roots. I wonder how long they have been growing.

This was the bottom of one side of the root system.

Yay, I climbed me some stairs!

The steps were freaken steep!!

Love the palm trees.

Relaxing, posing...

This was my favorite temple. The one with 100 or 1000 faces, don't remember. But I took a whole bunch of pictures to make a big panoramic view of the area. Will see if it turns out.

It was so beautiful everywhere.

Kids swinging on a vine. Jose gave them some lichee fruit.

And this is the famous Angkor Wat.

It was sooo nice and warm and sunny and hot.

I've got purple pants :).

This was a super cute moment.

Another temple.

Monks coming out form lectures.

This is the vipassana meditation schedule in Thailand.

The people that I met in Thailand at the meditation center.

Had to have a feet shot :).

Little alley in Thailand somewhere.

This is the luggage I had when I went to Cambodia.

This is the luggage I had when I left Cambodia and went to Thailand.

This is the luggage I had when I left Thailand and came back to Korea. Yup... I had to get that last huge bag because I bought one of them triangle pillows.

When I got back, Abby was on me like flees on a dog.

She was nuzzling into my fuzzy sweater.

She was slouching and not moving from her spot at all.

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