Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Danoje Festival May 25th

There was this festival, and foreign teachers across Korea were invited. We could take part in a Tuesday tour, Wednesday tour, Thursday tour, or Tuesday and Wednesday tour or Wednesday and Thursday tour. Well, Thursday is my easiest day, Tuesday is a difficult day, so hell, why not!! You don't often get to leave for 2 days in the middle of the week and it be ok :).

So, I went on the Tuesday and Wednesday tour of this festival called Danoje, and it was in a city about 2 hours away from me. It was in Gangneung.

Yaay, mid weed weekend is here :)

On the bus saying bye bye to Geojin for 2 days

Gangneung eating some nutritious food

Lisa joining in and having some nutritious food too.

As we are waiting for our orientation, we check out this little clothing exhibition. It's made of wood and wood shavings and seashells. Strangeeee


One of the many performances at the Danoje Festival.

Little cute carvings. I didn't get one in the end :(

Lisa making a seashell thingy.

She got filmed by KBS.

Wrestlers, yummy.

Yaay, it's sunny and warm.


He's making noodles.

We had to run to catch this guy.

And it wouldn't be a festival without a dragqueen selling sweets.

Just before the big parade. The men were dressed in Korean traditional clothes. These were the disposable kind tho. They are holding the lanterns that will later be lit and set floating on the local river.

This guy was drunk and making faces as he was walking and dancing with the dressed up people.

I found a cow, I had to milk it, even though it wasn't real.

Me and soju. Soju is the Korean version of Japanese Sake, or Russian Vodka, or Romanian Palinca.

Me and Lisa and soju.

Pretty lanterns.

There were so many lanterns on the river. This was after the parade.

Made new friends. This is Gari.

This is Ray.

And this is Kishmir. She's a balanced mom.

A super cute dog that was guarding our accomodations.

This is where we stayed overnight.

It was sooooo peaceful. I haven't slept that good in a long time.

Crazy morning hair.

I'm not awake yet. It was 7:30am and we had to wake up to go and eat some crappy breakfast. I would have slept some more, seriously!

Pretty flower :). I love my new camera.

This crow was the weirdest crow I've ever heard.
They usually sound like this: Moa! Moa! Moa!
This one sounded like this: Moaaaaaaaaaa... Moaaaaaaaaa...

She didn't smile. I smiled at her 2 times but she was very stern.

There's a doggy in the grass. Can you see him??

Magical path leading to a magical place.

I'm trying to look like a dinosaur fitting in with all the fern around.

This is at the top somewhere looking out over somewhere else. Pretty no?

Big size model of the little ducky carvings.

Grain... closeup.

Grain, and lots of it.

Pretty flowers.

This was truly a delicious lunch. I don't know if it's just cuz I was starving, or cuz the breakfast was crap, or cuz the food was actually good. I was stuffed.

This was a Russian group performing at the Danoje festival.

Everyone is concentrating hard on their master pieces.

I made 3. They turned out really pretty.

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