Friday, July 10, 2009

My garden

So, out of my empty and large balcony, I have created my own beautiful garden. I've bought flower pots, I've bought LOTS of earth, I've bought some seeds, I received many other seeds, and well, here is what has grown.

So far, I've eaten a batch of lettuce that was incredibly delicious and also 3 wonderful cherry tomatoes. Besides that, pickings have been very slim, but as you will see in the pictures to come, things are growing and will soon be ready for eating :).

I've also planted some of the flower seeds that I got from my mom. Hopefully they will grow. I want to see some beautiful colours in my garden. So far, out of the 4 different flowers that I've planted, only 1 has grown. It is beautiful though, bright red and has many more flowers than in the picture to follow.

Here they are :).

This is in the beginning, when everything was neat, organized, labeled and well proportioned.

This is after a few more additions. As you can see, the tomato plants have started to grow quite a bit. Lettuce is overflowing, the flowers, meh, not so much.

And this is how my garden looks like now. See all the things that have grown?? See the gigantic tomato plants?? See all the different kinds of lettuce? The flowers are blooming.

And now, this is what my tomato plants look like. I have moved them into bigger pots because they just didn't seem to be doing too good. Also gave them a bit of fertilizer. Lets see if they bounce back, stop growing so tall and start making some serious tomatoes.

This is the other side.

The first batch of lettuce is growing. This picture was taken a while ago and now it has all been eaten. Out of 1 seed, many many shoots grew and that whole thing was full with lettuce. Soooooo yummy :).

The lettuce is growing. Lets see where this goes.

Lettuce galore. Mmmmmmm! It's small but very sweet and juicy.

This is the only flower that grew. This is the first little one growing.

And this is the 2nd one growing. Only 2 of the seeds from the same flower grew. But now it's very beautiful, already making beautiful red flowers.

Oh look at the 2 little flower seeds. They have grown a bit.

The 2 little flower seeds have grown leaves and are starting to be strong. I don't have to worry about them dying out now :). Yaaay!! I have 2 flowers.

Preeeety pretty flowers.

My pepper plant looking awesome and doing good :).

My pepper plant. It's not a hot pepper plant, just regular peppers. It's not growing very much.

WHOAAAAAAAA! and this is my pepper. it's shiny and growing steadily. I also saw, on the other side of the plant, it's pushing for another one, so if I'm lucky, I'm going to have 2 peppers :).

The green beans are starting to grow too.

Oh, look at them go.

The beans. I don't really know what kind of beans it's going to make, but all I know this thing is going to climb a lot. Got to make some extensions for that climbing stick.

See? It's climbing, but the leaves at the bottom are starting to go yellow and fall off. I don't know what's going on.

My chives. Yeeeeey!!! It's growing. I think I put to few seeds in there. On the package there looked like there were A LOT of them planted. I hope it spreads.

This is another kind of bean. Now I have 3 bean pots. 2 are the same and 1 is the older one. It's not doing too good, but I saw it made 2 little flowers, presumably where the green beans will start growing. I'm excited :).

You can see the 2 little cherry tomatoes on the plant on the right. Yaaay!!!

Tomato plant. It's a bit bigger now :).

Tomato plant. See the leaves? They look like they are not getting enough water.

My one big tomato. It's been that size for a while now, and it's not going red either. Hm...

My wonderful cherry tomatoes. Soon after this picture they turned red and I ate them. They were delicious.

I think these are the radishes. I planted a few, but only 2 grew.

Lettuce type #1.

Lettuce type #2. Not growing so well.

2 kinds of greens. I think I put tooo many in there. My snails are enjoying these things. I keep breaking some off and giving it to them. Mmm, gotta love this whole growing your own stuff thing :).

More of the greens.

More of the other greens.

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Technoman 2 said...

Your tomatoes are likely to keep growing until you top out the main stem, but not until you have some decent trusses to bear fruit. You don't need a lot of space but you will need that pruning to control the size and plenty of strong support to tie off the trusses.

Have a look at Growing Tomatoes for a few tips.

You don't need too much advice though your garden looks great.