Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random stuff

And here are some other random pictures that I have on my computer.

Mmmmmm, avocado sandwich. That was soooo delicious.

This is a thing that I made at the Danoje Festival.

I was walking with one of my teachers through my town and walked by this area that used to be a busy shopping district. It's being prepared for demolition.

My daily healthy kale juice drink with ice. Yum!

And these are my snails, currently only 2 are present, each enjoying a piece of cucumber. The lettuce you see there is home grown, right in my own garden :).

And, if you look from the bottom up of the snail tank, you can see 2 big piles of snail eggs. WOW!!!! I've had snails before, but they never had eggs. I've had 2 snails for about a year, they grew and grew and grew, but never laid eggs. Well, these guys, I've just had them for maybe 1 month, and already they are making babies. I'm so excited. Can't wait to see if I'll have a box full of little snails crawling around :).

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