Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I worry

I worry about my life
I worry about my personality
I worry about people liking me
I worry about thinking about people liking me
I worry that I'm too lazy
I worry that I'm too hairy
I worry because I'm not neat
I worry that I've had it too easy
I worry that I won't get anything done with my life
I worry that my dreams are crap
I worry that my efforts are pointless
I worry about what will happen in a few years
I worry about my health
I worry about being alone
I worry about not having friends
I worry about ending up alone
I worry that I won't find love
I worry about not having my own family
I worry about becoming antisocial
I worry about forgetting myself
I worry about not thinking
I worry about not being open
I worry about not saying what's on my mind
I worry that I'm wasting my life
I worry that I'm insecure
I worry about feeling hopeless
I worry about feeling lost
I worry about so many things
It's tiering to think and do anything to change
Because then I remember all the things I worry about and then
I worry about my life again


D.A.N. said...

I worry about ...
... life -- Life is a challenge. But so far you did all right, didn’t you? -- So, why to worry?
... personality -- That is good. Work on it. -- SWTW?
... people -- It is good and nice to worry about others. - SWTW?
... too lazy -- That’s good too. Work on to improve it. -- SWTW?
... too hairy -- You are worrying yourself about something totally irrelevant. -- SWTW?
... not neat -- Good again. Work on it! -- SWTW?
... too easy -- Oh no! Oh no! You had your share, but you made it through quite well, didn’t you -- SWTW?
... my life -- Good thinking. So, make a plan and just follow it. -- SWTW?
... dreams -- No dream is a crap! SWTW?
... efforts -- So far they were not pointless; Right? -- SWTW?
... what will happen -- Look forward by trusting your past. -- SWTW?
... health -- You are taking already steps to improve it. Not enough? Make it better then! -- SWTW?
... being alone -- You have a family, you have friends, you have YOU. -- SWTW?
... friends -- All the people who read your blog ARE your friends. -- SWTW?
... love -- You are surrounded by love. Just relax and let it in. -- SWTW?
... family -- I think it’s a little too early to worry about that. But keep an eye open. -- SWTW?
... antisocial -- As long as you don’t carry a bomb with you, all is all right. -- SWTW?
... forgetting myself -- As long as you worry about yourself – rightly or wrongly – I would say that you worry about yourself. -- SWTW?
... not thinking -- Worrying IS thinking. -- SWTW?
... on my mind -- But you just did it; which is awesome. -- SWTW?
... wasting my life -- No life is wasted. NEVER! And especially yours not. -- SWTW?
... hopeless -- Recharge now and then you batteries. Take a break. --- SWTW?
... lost -- You have a goal. Right? -- SWTW?

It is normal to be sometimes low.
But then,
Trust the good outcome of all your past challenges,
Trust the ones who love you and,
Trust yourself.
So why to worry?!

Anonymous said...

I like thise realy amuasing

Lulu said...

stop worrying and start to live ;)

i think we all waste a lot of time thinking about problems which sometimes are not worth the suffering...and we forget to live.

stop thinking about "what should I have done" or "i didn't do/say/think this right" or "tomorrow i'm going to do this and this and that" or about what you think other people think about you(which may not be so, it's just YOUR guess)stop being scared, trust life, in the end, you'll get through everything. stop living in the past, or in a supposed situation, or thinking about the future. Live now, in the present, enjoy the sounds, the smell, the taste...

everything will work out eventually...sooner or later...

i used to worry a lot about everything, and i was scared of many things too. but i'm learning how to enjoy life and i'm so much happier.
i hope you stop worrying about things which make you feel bad and start being happy :)

Dana J said...

Thanks for that Lulu. I realize I do live in the past, and in the future too much, and forget to live in the present and enjoy every day.