Friday, December 10, 2010

i dreamt of my hero

i dreamt of my hero
who asked me to trust him
he was strong and smart
with a knowing smile on his face
he knew me
he admired me
i punched him in the face
i wanted to show i was tough and independent
he was surprised by my reaction
i saw it in his eyes
in that knowing smirk
he asked me to trust him
and rely on him
it was very difficult
i don't trust easily anymore
nor rely on others anymore
but he held my hand
and reassured me he knew the area
and showed me on the map
where i had to go
and we walked hand in hand
i felt good
he knew me


D.A.N. said...

Wow ... now THAT is nice !!!

Dana J said...

Thanks for the comment tata :).

Unknown said...

Was this blog post about me and you in London? lol :) xxx