Sunday, February 20, 2011

Farming and Bushcraft courses

A facebook friend posted a video about some organic farming technique, so I went and checked it out.

It was on youTube and along many other videos, there was a series of videos about some OFC (Organic Farming Certificate).

I was intrigued.

So after looking through the videos for a while, I went to search for the website where they originated from.

I found this amazing place. It's called Everdale Farm, and they have a 32 week (8 month) farming internship.

It's AMAZING!!!!

Not only is it in Guelph, but it's for a whole 8 months of living and working on the farm, and learning how to farm in the major farming seasons. It's not expensive, $4000 for the whole 8 months, including food and accommodation!!! I can learn so much!! And at the end I'll get an Organic Farming Certification. It's not really all that important, but it's a bonus.


So now, there are 2 big year long internships I want/need to do.

Everdale Farm Organic Farming Certification:

for 2011, the course date is April 12 - November 19. It's 32 weeks (8 months) long, in and around Guelph, Ontario. Price ~$4000 (Canadian dollars)

Everdale Farm Farmers Growing Farmers - Farm Planning:

for 2011, there are two courses, the Introduction and the Advanced. Together, the price is $1600 (CAD) and it's also in Guelph (YAY!!).
These are the dates of either Farm tours or workshops or lectures:

Oct. 24, 2010
Oct. 31, 2010
Nov. 7, 2010
Nov. 14, 2010
Nov. 21, 2010
Dec. 5, 2010
Dec. 19, 2010
Jan. 9, 2011
Jan. 23, 2011
Feb. 6, 2011
Feb. 20, 2011
Mar. 6, 2011

Jack Mountain Yearlong Wilderness Bushcraft Immersion Program:

for 2011, the course has 3 sections:
    Fall: Aug 21 - Oct 21 (9 weeks) ($6850)
    Winter: Jan 8 - Jan 21 (2 weeks) ($1900)
    Spring: May 7 - June 2 (4 weeks) ($3350)
This course is in Mesardis, Maine (USA, just to the left of New Brunswick and just south of Quebec).
Price for all 3 sections together ~$10,000 (USD), you get a discount if you do all of them.

I can do both of these!! When I finish with the English teaching and return to Canada, I'll be able to do these 2 things!! I'm so excited!!

I've wanted to do the bushcraft course for a while now, so hopefully in a few years I'll be able to take part in that experience.

YAY! :)

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