Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Camping and Canoejing, Inje - Sept 15

A Korean friend that used to own a bar in Sokcho moved back to the mountains of Inje to live the way he liked to live. On weekends, he tries to bring up people so he can make extra money. This weekend, he organized a camping and canoeing trip. I joined as soon as I found out about that.

I've loved canoeing every since I first tried it.

Here is the car with our 6 canoes. There's one more canoe and a kayak. So, we had 16 or 17 people in total.

Some of the people.

Getting ready...

Yay, finally in the water!

It was so beautiful!

Full of green and lush hills.

Break time. Not needed, but maybe some of the others needed it.

I think I'll just stay in the boat for now.

And, we're off again!

Not too late after, we arrived at our camping spot.

Stretch!! That was super nice. I want to get back in.

Then we set up our tents. Mine's the awesome orange one.

They already brought out the food.

I was checking out Toby's tent. But mine is better.

This is Min on the right. He organized the trip.

Toby in blue is waiting for some food.

There's the meat!

And then, I saw this. Fantastic idea. See?? 5 holes in the top, and 4 holes from the sides. Start the fire with a gas canister and VOALA!! 
It's also got 4 nails sticking out of it, so you can put a pan or pot on it for cooking.
It's pretty and functional.

Check this out!!! 

And it burns for maybe 4 hours, then you can add another one.

Night time group shot! I think we're missing someone.

Not much later after this, I went to bed.
Next day, we're back in the canoes, and continue our way down the river.

Group canoe picture :).

Toby is the muscle, I'm the finesse.

Done. I was gonna go for a swim, but I didn't want to get my hair wet.

Got home that day in the evening and slept like a rock.

This weekend really reminded me how much I love canoeing and how much I love being on the water. 
I'll have to do this again!!


Unknown said...

Hi Dana. Thanks for sharing your pictures of your canoe trip. I would love to contact your friend about a Spring canoe trip if he is still doing them. I live in Seoul currently but love the greener side of Korea steadily calls to me.
Lionel Ouellette

Unknown said...

I am trying to arrange a trip for my group.of friends too, can you please have him contact me at jreinstein09@gmail.com