Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Chuseok at Mins Cabin - Sept 29, 2012

So, this year for Chuseoks (Korean Thanksgiving) 5 day vacation, I decided to stay in Korea and stay locally.

The party started Friday night, and ended Monday night. Tuesday and Wednesday were used for recovery.

Details are not necessary. But pictures always are.

This is at the top of the mountain in Inje. The view, as you can see, is breathtaking. 

That's me, and my new hat. Hm, I think I look really big in this picture... It must be the jacket :)

Min and LIz. Min is the owner of the cabin. He used to own a bar in Sokcho. Apparently he knows PSY, who might come to the area. I'm not sure if that's true or not.

This is where we went: Eun-bi-ryeong

Inside, there are awesome couches. 

And a fantastic fireplace.

And a great bar. Self serve most of the time.

Outside there is a ping pong table, and also eating area. Up the stairs is a big wide green area for tents and games.

Inside, there's a room with bunk beds. It's perfect.

David, very classy David. He's already started the wine, and it's only noon.

David is from New Zealand, and Melissa is from the States.

Some Korean dudes. On the right is KJ, a very waky and energetic race car driver.


David and James, strutting their stuff in a SUPER COLD river.

Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) preparation. Lots of fried stuff.

Min is inspecting the food.

There's a game of either poker or Apples to Apples going on there.
Straight ahead is South African Chris, to the left is James from Texas, then Jackie from Canada, Liz from England, Alex from... who cares, and Tony from... not sure.

There is a really nice fireplace in there. Heats up the whole place and it smells terrific.

This is Saturday, and the party has started.

There's dancing.

And drinking.

Melissa (Lissa) and Jackie.

Friday night it was Davids 34th birthday party. We had dinner at his house, and then moved the party to the local bar/pub. He's still got the birthday glasses on.

That's me on the left, talking with Liz. 

James looking good dancing to some great tunes.

Jackie found a fluffy plant, and put it in her hair. She's just that kind of cool :)!

And then there was Karaoke. Toby sang a lot. He's the tall guy with the mike. He's from England.

Min getting the Jagermeister shots ready.

Outside people were playing BeerPong, and cooling down from the crazy dancing.

Chris and Josh (of Josh and Jackie). He is extremely Canadian. Fantastic dude!

There were also some crazy people camping out on the lawn. It was really cold, especially being so high up in the mountains.

Next day, Sunday, some Koreans brought this super cute dog. It was running around all day.

We hung out on the lawn, sunning ourselves and recovering from the night before.

Then David passed out in front of us, and we started messing with him. Horseshoes and some golf balls.

We later moved to another side, because the sun was slowly going away. They made me play a card game here that I wasn't particularly interested in playing. I just wanted to read my sexy "50 Shades of Grey" book.

Breakfast, with the elusive Adam in the middle.

David taking a nap, still recovering from Saturday night, and possibly Friday night.

It was so warm and cozy. I too was taking little naps here and there all day, preparing for Sunday night :).

Arazue was also taking a nap and cuddling a fuzzy blanket.

Others were also in different stages of rest.

Poor David, he just couldn't get away from the bullies.

Awesome Sharmay from South Africa. She taught me how to do a really sexy dance. So exciting :).

This was the Sunday night dinner. Min BBQ some pork and some squid. YEAH!!

Toby on the left, Fumi next to him, Sharmay and Matt. Fumi is from England as well.

Josh (with the hat) is being a TERRIBLE DJ. Josh (with the awesome hair) is here to rescue the evening.

And some more Karaoke.

This is Patrick. He lives around Seoul. He's from Chicago, and he's got a really strong Chicago accent.

Liz, semi permanently parked at the bar on a stool, sipping her fancy wine.

How did she get a hold of that dog??

Now, this guy, I don't know his name, but he looks like either an 80's stunt man, or an 80's porn actor. 

Then we had fireworks. Even though we were not on the beach, which is where fireworks are a necessity, there were tons of them, and we all got to shoot some off. 


Then Irish Steve made himself some raving sparklers.

In the morning, Liz was not able to get out of bed. She sat there for many hours, hassling the people passing by, demanding water and snacks to be brought to her.

David was in the bunk above, copying Liz.

In the afternoon, once we had woken up and had a very delicious meat breakfast, we went for a walk, trying to find the stream where the other guys had gone for a swim the previous day.

There were some really cool stone things along the way.

Lissa with these two stone heads. Very cool statues.

This was at the end, when everyone is packing, walking around looking for their sweater, or shirt, or shoes, or shorts, or hat... there were a lot of things in the lost and found bin.

Chris decided to serenade us with some South African guitar music.

All packed and ready to go. Waiting for the vans to come from the city and take us back to civilization, where we still had Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday to relax. 

Fantastic Weekend, Fantastic Chuseok!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had lots of fun, sis. The people look cool, too. Funny comments. And now I'm off to bed. :-P

Todd said...

Wow, great pics of Korea, I would never have guessed that is where you were. Looks beautiful!