Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10km - 2nd Marathon, YangYang - Oct 6, 2012

This was my second race ever. I did 10 km this time. My goal was to finish, which I did. My time was 1h 34m, which is pretty slow. I did walk 3 km. But it was still fantastic. I had a great time. Here are some pictures.

This is me at the finishing line. I was so happy to be done!!

This is Toby at the finish line. He's got his medal already.

The group. I'm in the back in red.

Toby and Katy showing off their medals.

David and Katy, super cute couple.

David is a star!! He did a Half marathon, which is 21 km. And he ran that in 1h 30 minutes. He is very fast!!

Katy doing a joy dance.

David is stretching his legs.

And then Toby, me and David decided to go to the river and cool down. I didn't have any swimming clothes, so I just went in like that. I dried off from the sun later.

We were trying to look sexy. Hm... not working very well.

Toby was trying to look like a mean man. It wasn't working very well.

We gave up. 

And then we went to a park and had a picnic. It was really nice to be able to chill with people on a Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Dana, I finally found your blog and ..... at 2.30am I am reading it again!!! Nice pics, sis!