Monday, March 18, 2013

Loosing people

It does get easier.

I've been here in Korea for 6 years now. I've had two big groups of friends come and go, and I feel I'm handling it better this time around.

I did cry more, and I did share my feelings more, and I think that helped with the healing. I didn't bottle it up and simply ignore it.

People here come just for short periods of time, 1 or 2 years, and then they leave. You make good friends and then they all disperse throughout the world.

I was trying to stop thinking of all of this as a loss, and think of it as an opportunity. Now I have so many more places to visit in the world. Free places to stay at, friends to meet up with and trips to look forward to.

But it's still difficult now. And I still cry when I see something that reminds me of things we used to do together, or when I hear a song that we used to listen to together. Those will never be the same. But again, I'm trying not to think that I won't ever do that again, but to remember how great it was and how fortunate I am to have met such great people.

I've also noticed I have less interest in getting to know the new people that have come. The same thing happened last time, and it took over a year to get back to normal and have a full social life again.

But maybe this time it'll be different, because everything is different now.

I'm leaving as well. FINALLY!

I'm embarking on my own journey. I'll be the one leaving this time around, and others will be left behind to wonder where I am and what new things I'm experiencing.

Well, that comes to everyone in the end. For me: 6.5 years.

I can't wait to get going!

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