Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Great little plan

I am starting to feel like I'm finally doing what I want to be doing.

Some nice plans have come about to create a perfect flow of awesomeness,

First, I'm doing 3 weeks of HelpXing at a farm up near Sudbury called Willow Lane Farm. It sounds like it'll be an adventure up there.

Then, I'm going with my mom on an all inclusive trip to Cuba at the Club Amigo Carisol in Santiago de Cuba. Can't wait to enjoy the warmth and sun and beach and snorkeling.

Next, I'm off to the Vipassana Meditation Retreat around Barrie for almost 2 weeks of volunteering, cooking, learning and above all meditating.

When I'm done with that, I'll be coming back and doing some acupuncture and therapeutic massage to get my body back in order.

And soon after, I'm off to Everdale Farm for 8 months to start my farming journey.

Who knows what will happen after :)

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