Monday, August 27, 2007

Well, there goes my back

So, after many many times picking up the kids, throwing them in the air, spinning them around and never having a problem, I finally pulled some back muscles and could hardly walk. This happened on Friday and I was hoping it would go away and be better but it only got worse. Well, I went to a doctor, got some x-rays to see if my spine is OK, and it is, just that the curvature at the bottom is kind of gone cuz of the tension in my muscles. So I did a bit of physiotherapy but it didn't seem to work. On Monday, I told my bosses wife and luckily there's a acupuncture clinic just next to the school. During lunch I went there and wow, it was amazing. First, she used these electric currents to massage my muscles, then acupuncture, and then did the suction cup things. Now my back is a lot better and I'm going to go in a few more times, but it looks kind of scary cuz where the suction cups were now there's huuge hickeys there. Definitely works tho and am glad this place is so close by and really cheap.

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Anonymous said...


De catva timp iti citesc blog-ul si vreau sa-ti spun ca sant impresionata. De fiecare data cand vorbesc cu mama si tata intreb de tine si ma tin la curent, dar altfel este sa-ti citesc impresiile. Tot ce pot sa-ti spun este ca ai talent, atat la scris cat si la fotografiat(asta vine cu practica).
Stiu ca este greu fiind departe de cei dragi (si lor le este dor de tine)dar este o experienta nemaipomenita din care inveti atat despre alte culturi cat si despre tine insati. Le-am dat si Anei si Joanei blogul tau sa-l citeasca ca poate se vor inspira si-ti vor urma exemplul.
Poate vei putea sa te duci si prin Japonia sa vezi cei si pe-acolo. Nu uita ca este Nova Group care am inteles ca este f. buna si renumita acolo. Asta poate pt. dupa ce termini aici.

Promit sa-ti mai scriu, dar tu ai grija de tine si traieste viata din plin.
"Enjoy it and keep up the good work".

Cu drag,