Sunday, January 13, 2008

One more year

So, after a lot of thinking and planing and looking at options, I've decided to stay another year with the same school. It will all be just a lot easier now because I've already figured the system out, have all the materials for school, my apartment is all set and looks nice, no use going anywhere else right now and staring everything all over again. So yes, I've decided to stay. This means I'll be here until March 2009. I thought about going to Canada to visit for a week (that's the most I would have off), but it's not time for it yet. I feel free here, my life all in front of me, doing what I need to do to figure out what I should be doing with it, where I should go. It's scary at times. I realised this is the first time I have been away for so long from my parents. The longest time I've been away before was 7 months when I went to England. Next week it'll be 10 months. Wow, so now I've got 14 more months to go until I can leave. Who knows what will happen though, maybe I'll stay again another year after that.

I cut up my credit card the other day. I realised it's idea of a safety net was absolutely false. I get paid, I have money, why have a credit card that obviously will be used regardless of my finances. So, it's gone. Now I buy groceries and cook at home, send my money away and keep my savings. My sister knows how to do it right.


Anonymous said...

Dani, good job. I think you know best what you want to do and if you decided to stay one more year I think is brave of you, you already feel comfortable there and it's a good experience. Good for you and don't feel discouraged because we all are supporting you. We miss you but at least we keep in touch thru this blog.
You'll come home, if you will, when you feel it's time.
Stay well and be positive.


Unknown said...

Sora-mea, stii ce tre' sa faci si cum sa procedezi. Creaza un plan real, fi disciplinata, fi tare, tine-te de plan. E bine pentru propriul tau viitor. Cat esti acolo, ai o sansa unica sa iti rezolvi situatia si sa te 'refaci' - nu uita asta si da-ti seama ca poti sa schimbi multe lucruri si sa te schimbi mult!

Te pup cu drag,