Monday, August 18, 2008


I've never experienced loneliness to this degree before. It's amazing the need to want to be close to someone, to socialise, to be around loved ones and friends, and it's even more amazing that amongst so many people, one cannot even find even one person to share this with. I guess it's easier when you have your own place, your own computer, a job, a kitchen, stuff to do... then you are kept busy and distracted from the isolation so many people are experiencing. I remember as a child, I was never alone. I always played with friends, I always had my sister around... and now, there's no one around. And if you do have people around sometimes, it feels like it's not even worth it... that element of actually spending time with people because you want to socialise and to interact with people is gone, in my experience so far anyways.


Anonymous said...

Down the pit, eh?
That happens to everybody. You will soon start the new job, will have new challenges, new likes and dislikes, so you will be busy again.
Waiting for your new address and phone number though (just in case ... you know).

Unknown said...

Dana, am incercat sa te sun azi si n-am dat de tine asa ca ti-am trimis un sms. Hope you feel better. Call me in the morning (your time) and then we can talk more. :-)