Saturday, August 30, 2008

Orientation Trip (August 2008) (very late pics)

Wow, this is so long ago. I found them in my pictures folder on my computer, and I thought I'd put them up here so as not to forget this or loose the pictures somehow.

So, this is the orientation trip from when I joined the EPIK program. We had a 10 day orientation in Seoul before being sent to the far corners of this tiny country.

That's me and Cabby. She only stayed for one year. She's from Tasmania. 

On an evening out, we went to a soju bar in the area. On the left is Sandra, also from Tasmania, who stayed in Korea for 2 years and now is back in Australia.

The ladies. Oh how I miss them. Sujata is on the far left. She's from the States. 

Oh wow, I had earrings back then.

They all went back home to pursue their goals and follow their dreams.

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