Thursday, August 21, 2008


So, after 17 days of wandering around South Korea, I've finally come to the end of my vacation. I have learned to be alone, I have learned to be OK with it, I have learned how much I want to be with someone, , I have learned how to navigate around Korea, I have learned many things. Now, I'm starting a new chapter in this experience and well, we'll see how things go from here.

Here are some of the pictures that I've taken in these last 2 weeks.

Dangjin, morning after buying my sweeeeet iPod.

Marvel at my super amazing chopstick skills :).

Eating in Dangjin.

Big BIG bottle of beer at a pub in Gwangju.

This was the sauna I stayed at in Busan. It overlooked the ocean. Very beautiful.

First view of the ocean in Busan.

Getting closer.

Oh, the classic feet shot. The sand was super nice.

And then the water.

And then more water.

Then I went and ate eel. The poor thing, it was still alive you know.

Mmmm, so delicious. This was all for me.

Now that we got the beer, now it's ready to be eaten.

The view from my chair on the edge of the beach.

I can feel my skin burning...

That's my 2 piece brown swim suit i bought in Korea. I actually found my size. It was very nice :)

The water was sooo nice.

North of Dongdaemun area in Seoul.

My hair is sooo long.

Korea National Library. It wasn't as impressive as it sounds.

It was very big though.

My side of the room at Konkuk University.

The room at Konkuk. So nice to finally have a bed :)

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Unknown said...

Very nice pictures. Weird, though, to see you with SUCH long hair and .... with Ryan again? :-P