Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My mom

After 2 and a half years of separation, mother and daughter reunite. This is the havoc and consequently, evidence that has been gathered over those 7 days in May.

My lovely mom.

This is what my mom did first.

This is what I got!!!!!!!!!!



My lovely mom in Geojin.

On Geojin beach with my mum.

My mom is very happy here :).

On the beach again. The water was really cold.

She ran away.

I'm not going in.

Who's the cute lady?

Awww, me and Geojin beach.

Geojin pier.

I'm looking at the algae.

Those are really nice bathrooms.

My mom posing :).

Sokcho market.

Mmmm, lots of fish.

Tierd, soo tierd.

Pretty pretty flowers in Sokcho.

My mum loves these flowers.

My mum likes these flowers too.

Walking around in Sokcho with my mum.

The subway in Seoul was decorated with flowers and crab.

I think it was some sort of crab festival.

After we went to the embassy.

There is a wheel in the background.

Me and the wheel.

Who's got a big head now eh?!

Ok, now I'm going to walk up to the temple close to Anguk station.

I love this picture. My mom is so cute :)


The tree was sticking out of that carpet of lanterns.

We were a week late for the lantern festival, but it was all still very pretty.

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