Friday, June 19, 2009

Teachers BBQ in Geojin (June 2009)

Can you believe that I still haven't posted this stuff?? Seriously!!

Alright, so this is a teachers BBQ we had behind the Gym building. It was June, 2009, and the weather was fantastic. I was skinnier back then. 

Cutting some wood for the fire.

This is how the fire is lit in Korea. A gas canister!! Blowtorch it until it's all lit!!

We had lots of delicious stuff there.

And we also had a big tub of marinated chicken. YUM!

And LOADS of Soju. 

These were my 2 co-teachers. Mrs Kim on the left, and Mrs Choi on the right. Mrs Choi left and moved to Gangneung :(

The teacher in the front with the white jacket is my favorite. She's the moral arts teacher and she's the only one of the non English Korean teachers who continued to try to learn English from me, and she always tried to speak to me in the little English that she did speak. She also had a really cool style.

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Yummy food, I'm hungry now! BTW, posting with 'anonymous' in loc de a folosi contul meu de Google merge. Wohoo!. Monica