Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So, after almost 2 years in this wonderful apartment, it's finally time to move (tomorrow).

The district of education for my province has allocated money to have new housing built for the foreigners in their respective areas.

At the beginning, when I saw the size of the new apartments I was very VERY angry.

The new apartments are the size of my current living room, so a pretty big size difference.

Over the past couple of months, I've gone and visited the new apartment almost every day.

I've watched the progression of the building, the beautification of those apartments, and I must say, now I'm very VERY excited to be moving.

After a very stressful week, everything is finally coming together.

Most importantly, I'm getting the apartment I want.

At first glance, all 4 apartments look the same, but if you look closely, there are subtle differences. Considering the fact that I'll be here for another 2 years, I really wanted to make sure I choose the perfect apartment.

The deciding factor was avoidance of the cold. That was what I had in mind the whole time when looking at those slightly different layouts. I didn't choose an apartment on the side of the building, because that would mean a whole wall was to the outside, hence colder in the winter. Also, I made sure to get the apartment that allowed for my bed and computer desk to be put away from the balcony door, which would make it colder in the winter.

So, I got the apartment I wanted after much debate and negotiation.

Then, I found out that the school would pay for the movers, and on top of that, the way movers work here normally is not just moving boxes and furniture like they'd do back in Canada. Oh no no. They even package everything up for you and unpack it back at the new place. So, I don't even have to pack and unpack myself. I can just stand around and tell them what to do. What a wonderful thing don't you think?? :)

Naturally I did pack some of the things. I just didn't want to seem messy and disorganized. But I left the kitchen, closets and plants to them. They can deal with all of that :).

Also, since I'm leaving this place, I have to also move my internet, cable phone and cable TV. I wasn't happy with any of them though; the service has been pretty unreliable.

I asked my co-teacher if I can upgrade at all. She said no problem. Tomorrow a representative will come to your office and present to you all the different packages and options. I was very impressed.

Today, a lady from QOOK came, which is the rival company to the one I'm currently with: YBS.

She showed me everything and I was even more impressed.

I'll have the fastest internet for 1 dollar less than what I'm paying now, I'll get 71 TV channels with 4 English news and entertainment channels for 2 dollars less, and I'll get a cordless brand new phone for 3 dollars less. I was blown away. Exactly what I wanted and then some.

And then she went on with the details. I'd have to sign a 3 year contract to get this awesome deal and amazing monthly rate. I told them I'd be in the country for only 2 years. She said I'd have to pay a penalty for cancelling my contract 1 year early. I didn't really mind though. But get this, she said: Oh, but you will be leaving the country then right? Me: Yes. Her: Oh, then you don't have to pay any penalty charges. Me: OOOOOOOH REALLY??? NIIIIIIICE!!!

And here's more...

She then said... Oh, and because you are signing a 3 year contract, for the first year you'll get 10% off your bill.


Oh, and also, because you are signing a 3 year contract, we'll give you a cash advance bonus, so here's 220 bucks for you :).


I was giggling like a little girl after that. I couldn't contain myself :).

How can I refuse a deal like that?

So, tomorrow they'll come and get it all connected, no connection fee NATURALLY :).

What a wonderful day.

I feel alive and energized.

I need a change, I need a change so badly. And this is perfect. I was worried I was making the wrong choice by staying in the same place, but it turns out to be a very good thing.

I'm seeing a big improvement in my students, my confidence, my teaching method, my discipline and control over the classroom, my interaction with my co-teachers and other staff...

A peace of mind has come over me knowing that I'm doing the right thing, working to improve myself and achieve my goals and dreams in a positive and productive manner :).


D.A.N said...

Well, that sounds rather nice, my dear, wouldn’t you say so? Well done, well done.
And better send that bitch over here pronto to teach these fat bastards a lesson before I grab my shooter. Do you hear me!! Hell!
P.S. And don’t forget some nice pictures, my little pet.

Unknown said...

Wow, Dana. That sounds amazing, soro. Numai ca nu ti-au dat un tort cu 'Welcome to your new apartment', ca in rest ai primit totul. Suna super fain. Ma bucur ca totul a mers asa de fain, ai primit dealuri asa de bune si s-au purtat frumos cu tine. Sa fie asa tot in continuare si iti doresc un inceput nou frumos si plin de energie si pofta de viata. Te pup, Monica.