Saturday, May 29, 2010


So, the giggles continue.

Today the TV/Internet/Phone people came again and finally set up the service. They couldn't do it on Thursday because the infrastructure was not there. This is a new building and so there were no cable poles or anything. But today it got all done!!


I've got incredibly fast internet. They also gave me a wireless router just in case I wanted to sit 1 meter away at the end of my apartment... hahahaha! But now I can talk on skype and show you all a my whole apartment, and the outside of my apartment too if you'd like :).

Also, got my snazzy telephone. WOW! It's pretty much like a cellphone, except that it's got a base to sit on, it's a 070 number (landline) and it's much cheaper than a cell phone.

Also, my TV package... very very nice.
I've got a load of English channels. Movies, News, Music, Sports... I even have TV5. How crazy is that???

They really did a good job with this.

So, now I'm moved in.

Still got a bunch of boxes to unpack. The kitchen is a disaster. I just don't have enough counter space... and I don't have a utensils drawer either... hm... what was that about??

So, I have to figure it out.

But it's nice to organize everything, get a feel for this place. And it's perfect. Perfect size. The one from before was just way to big for 1 person. This one is perfect.

Oh, and you should see the balcony and how I've organized my plants. It's really nice :).

I'll post pictures soon.

And Abby? Well, she was pretty freaked out at the beginning, but she'd going better now.
She managed somehow to open the closet door and go in there. I really have no idea how she managed to do that. She might have a closet fetish... HAHAHA!

The other amazing thing about this apartment... right in front of it there are 3 rice fields. So, now that it's warm and growing season, they are all flooded with water. And because there's so much water, guess what's in the water?

FROGS!!! Lots and LOTS of frogs. At night, when it starts getting dark, you can hear hundreds and hundreds of frogs croaking. It's like having one of those mood soundtracks of rain or jungle or river sounds. Well, I've got frog sounds.

And, in the morning is another thing. I got birds. They are sooooooo loud, they wake me up in the morning. It's pretty nice though, I can't oversleep that way :).

I'm really happy with the way this whole thing turned out. It took some time to come to terms with the size difference and the way we were told (not told) about moving and the fact that we had no choice about anything.

But, this really is much better.

I drove by my old place yesterday. WHOA! What a dump. Just looking from the outside you can see how old and dilapidated it is.

Out with the old, in with the new :).

Yay for clean new spaces :).


Unknown said...

Congrats, soro. It sounds great. I guess the saying fits your situation: "Every change is a change for the better." Love you, Monica.

D.A.N. said...

… and every kick in your back is a jump forward!. Amen.