Sunday, May 2, 2010

Multitasking + Motivation + Warmth = Happy Dana

I'm not good at doing just one thing at one time. I always get distracted and 2 minutes later I'm doing something totally different.

This weekend has been pretty productive. It's been filled with spurts of intense activity, followed by hours of doing nothing. It's all good though, I've achieved what I wanted, and a bit more :).

So, I cooked food and froze it away in portions for next week.

I went through my winter clothes, threw out a whole bunch of them since I haven't worn them often enough, and the rest I packed away in one of my large suitcases.

I suppose this is how it'll feel when I finally leave here. Packing my things in various suitcases, deciding what to keep and what to throw away... It's so exciting.

Finally cleaned up my balcony. It was a mess since last years garden. All the plant pots didn't have a bottom lid to catch the water run-off so the floor was dirty with water, earth and leaves. On top of that leftover stuff, there were 2 bags of earth, a bunch of pots, support sticks, seed packs, fertilizer packs, and a whole bunch of other junk for which I couldn't find any other place.

Well, I finally cleaned up all that crap, and replanted my whole garden, decided not to get any seedlings this year, and got bottom lids for all the pots. So no more messy floors :).

This year, I've planted:

Sage, Gourmet lettuce, Triangle lettuce (some Korean lettuce that I don't know the name of, but its leaves look like triangles), Green onions, Chives, Crispy lettuce (another Korean lettuce that I don't know the name of), Basil, Long lettuce (Korean lettuce), Field salad, Spinach, Sweet corn (which I'll later move outside somewhere), Tiny tomatoes, Cat grass (for Abby), Radishes and Catnip (also for sweet Abby).

Here's the picture. Doesn't it just look so lovely :)

Besides all of this, I prepared all lessons for next weeks classes.

Now I have to go do a load of laundry, wash the few dishes that are in my clean kitchen, take out the recycling, and start on the summer clothing. I'm planning to reduce the amount of clothes I have by half. Not because I don't like them, but because I have waaaaaaaaaaaay too many.

I'm also not eating after 7pm anymore!!!!

Yay for applying my determination for my financial stability to the rest of my life.

No one else can do it for us but ourselves!!!


D.A.N. said...

Hip, Hip, Hurray !!!

Unknown said...

Yay is right. Ma bucur ca determinarea care o ai pentru finante o aplici acum si la celelalte parti ale vietii tale. Good for you! :-)