Friday, March 25, 2011

Coming Back

Today I got my e-ticket for Canada.

YAY! I'm coming back, for a little while :)

Leaving Korea: August 11th 4:30pm

Arriving in Toronto: August 11th 7:50pm

Flight is AC 64.

My flight will take 16 hours and 20 minutes.

It's gonna be one loooooooooooong freaken ride!!

And from my house to the airport will be another 5 hours.

I've already started training Abby for the long trip.

Every day, I put her in her carrier and I lock her in. I started with 1 minute, next day I did 5 minutes and now I'm at 10 minutes.

I hope I'll get her up to a whole day at some point. Then I'm going to add the vacuum cleaner.

The noise in the airplane will be pretty loud, and she's such a skittish kitty.

I'll have the vacuum on every day and then hopefully, before I leave, I'll be able to leave her in her locked in her carrier with the vacuum on the whole day. My neighbours might not be very happy, but hell, I want my kitty to be ok, and without any heart attacks on the flight.

YAY! I'm starting to pack my winter clothes into boxes and I'll be shipping them back soon.

Soon, soon :)

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