Saturday, April 9, 2011

Big Decision

So, I've finally made the decision I feel good about.

I'll stay another 6 months.

There are a few reasons, and they all make sense to me.

1. I'll go visit Romania in August.
2. I'll do the PDC another time.
3. I'll go to Canada in March.
4. I'll work here in Korea for 6 more months.
5. The school will pay for my ticket to Romania.
6. I'll fly out at the begining of March to Canada, and then Abby will be skinnier and I won't have to worry about how I'll take her on the plane.
7. There won't be a flight embargo then so, again, I won't have to worry abou taking Abby on the plane.
8. I'll have 5 years of experience instead of 4.5. Many of the jobs I've seen need at least 5 years. :)
9. When I come back to Canada I'll have only 5 months before schools start in the ME and I can get a good job.
10. I'll have enough money saved to not have to worry too much about it for those 5 months.
11. I'll be able to do the TESOL diploma AND the DELTA which will make me eligible for many MANY more and BETTER jobs.
12. I will have time until next February to get all my grade 5 and grade 6 to a level where they can read.
13. I will have time until next February to get my 1st grade middle school students to make full sentences.
14. I will be there at school until the end of the year and have a proper goodby, not in the middle of the school year.
15. I'll be able to use up the compost I made.
16. I'll be able to eat some strawberries from the plants I bought today.
17. When I go back to Canada, I'm going to be able to see my moms Lilac trees bloom.
18. I've started to be more social now and being more active, so I know I'll be happier and able to survive an extra 6 months.

I did all this thinking today on the 5 hour bus ride that was supposed to be only 3 hours to the "Strawberry Festival".

I didn't send my boxes with winter clothes home for a reason.
I didn't pay the deposit for the PDC course for a reason.
I didn't buy my ticket to Romania for September for a reason.

I just hadn't figured it out yet.

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Unknown said...

Nice, good decision and good reasons!!!!

Good for you!