Friday, July 22, 2011

Peace is here

So, no thanks to asshole travel agency, I made it.

I'm in the airport, checked in, and ready to go.

I went to the check-in counter and asked if my name is on the flight list, and WOW!!!!!!!! it was there!!!

I started crying. I couldn't help myself.

For the last 40 hours all I could do was wait and keep calling those assholes. They weren't giving me any information and I had to pry it out of them. They weren't calling me back but kept telling me that they'll call me. They didn't email me back or keep me informed. NOTHING!

But, now it's all good.

I'm at my gate, I'm charging my Ipod, I'm dressed really nice, I had a nice shower at the Sauna in the airport, I used some nice parfume from the Duty Free shops, I changed some money...

So, now I'm ready. Just waiting.

I'm flying with Lufthansa (LH 713 and LH 1422) through Frankfurt. I'll arrive to Bucuresti at 23:55 on Saturday.

Well, even if I don't manage to get bumped up to first class, I'm still gonna enjoy all the free red wine I can :)!


Mariana said...

Bine ca s-a rezolvat in final si ai reusit sa pleci. Nu ai mai mers prin Qatar?

Dana J said...

Nu, am mers prin Frankfurt.