Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tall Sail Ship --> July 9/10

So, after this trip was rescheduled because of bad weather, it was finally time to go sailing. Well, to be on a sail ship anyways. The weather was still crap. It still rained, but there was no turning back on this adventure. It was a very wonderful experience.

 This was one of the rooms bellow deck. Pretty comfortable. And the rocking motion of the boat helped with sleeping. 

This was the kitchen. 

 Looking out through one of the windows.

 Map below deck.

 In case someone's gone overboard :).

 Nice weather eh?

 It was raining...

 And storming...

 Only safe place is under the tarp.

 We arrived at one of the little islands.

 It was all misty and cloudy.

 Dressed up in rain coats and plastic ponchos.

 So, we got to our docking destination for Saturday evening.

 People were swimming. Jumping off the boat. Brave people!

 Climbing back up.

 Local cuteness!

 He was helping tighten up one of the sails.

 Breakfast or lunch or whatever...

 Finally, a break in the weather.

 The boat was going fast, and it was all rocky.


 I went up to the tip. I think I'm developing a fear of heights/gaps... I was trying to be brave and do one of them dramatic poses.

 Ok, better :)

 Jenna posing.


 3 gorgeous ladies enjoying the afternoon sun.

 The captain steering the boat.

 Harmonica time.

 Some people were even braver and they climbed up to the top observation thingy.

 Really high!!

 Then it started to rain again.

 Everyone ran back down under.

Group shot back on the main land.

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Unknown said...

wow seems amazing! I wouldn't mind a trip like that!