Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hongcheon Sept 3/4 2011

What a wonderful weekend. I had heard of these people from Bernard, and they sounded like a really nice bunch. I just never had the chance to actually meet them. This time there was a big get-together in Hongcheon, a town in the middle on the road from my town to Seoul. I think the reason we all went there was to go to some festival where we could do some free canoeing. I was planing to go only for the day and then go to Seoul in the evening to a rock music festival on one of the army bases. Well, as you'll see in the pictures, that never happened.

We all gathered on these rocks in the middle of a river and just hung out. We brought some food and some alcohol, and pretty much hung out there for most of the day. It was warm and the water was perfect.

I met some cool new people.

Bernard, my neighbour.

That's me before Paleo. Wow I looked so different. Next to me is Fergus, an Irish character.

This is Sarah. She lives in my area. She's from Vancouver. A total hippie :).

This is Debbie. She's from Toronto as well. Here we were heading out to eat something.

As soon as we get to the BBQ restaurant, the silliness begins. 

Life mimicking Eve with Sesame leaves.

I'm so happy!!

Jen doing a catwalk. That lady was very curious about our table.

Nick is from Quebec. He was showing us how to eat kimchi properly. Kimchi is sort of a fermented spicy sourkrout.

I think Fergus might have farted.

Bernard was getting very excited about paying the bill and moving on to the next establishment.

It all starts with a drink, or two, or three.

And the debauchery begins. Leave it to the Quebecoise to get political.

Berns continues to be excited. WOW!

Now we're drinking from each others bowls? 

And being done with the 2nd place, it's time to go to the next. What's next in a typical Korean evening? Norebang, or as you might call it... KARAOKE!!!

Shamus used to live in my area a few years ago, and is friends with the Michael Free, who also lives in Hongcheon and used to teach and live where I am teaching and living now. Such a small world.

A random Korean decides to join us in the festivities.

Another random Korean joined us. I think we were pretty far gone at that point to notice who's who.

Oh the joy!

Bernard sandwich!!

Sing it!

And that's when people started passing out.

They had enough.
Somehow, we managed to all get up and go to someones apartment and crash for the night.

In the morning, Nick had someone bra on his face. Not sure why, or how it got there.

The girls were on the bed and measuring how long their legs are. 

And to finish off the morning, we headed over to another bar to have some breakfast/drinks. 

What a fantastic weekend.

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