Monday, September 19, 2011

Adrenaline Weekend Part 1 - Sept 17

So, this weekend was action packed!! I got to Seoul pretty late at night, around 1am, because as usual, I didn't want to rush and hurry to get there.

I stayed overnight at a new Sauna and had a good sleep.

I had to wake up really early though because that morning, I had registered to go Skydiving. YES!!! Finally :)

So, at about 8:30am I got to the Han river in Seoul, and walked around for about 1 hour until I found the group. Jamie was the guy that let me know this was going on and reserved my spot for the day.

This was a special opportunity. 10,000 feet tandem jump from a helicopter on the Han River in Seoul with special permission from the Korean government, together with ex hardcore military Korean dudes! Totally worth it!

Here, we are getting instructions on what to do when we're up in the air and plummeting to the earth uncontrollably.

This is my tandem guy getting me all set up.

OMG!! This is it! There's no turning back!!

This is it!!

This is where we'll sit just before we jump out.

Can you see the horror on my face as I watch crazy people jump out of a flying machine!!!!!!!???????

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!  (That's what I was actually saying.)



I'm still smiling :)


Oh thank GOD the parachute is coming out!!!



I need some help to get up.

My heart is trying to jump out of my chest!

Did I really just do that?? Oh, and I love my hair!

After this, I left and went to a convenience store where I parked my ass outside for about 30 minutes and had myself a cold and wonderful beer.

WHOA!!! What an amazing experience!!

Video to come soon :)

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