Sunday, October 9, 2011

Incredible Weekend!!!

What an amazing week/end!!!

After a long weekend reconnecting with a friend down south, I had two cool brothers come couchsurf at my place. They stayed for a couple of days. It was great to talk to travellers again. A day before they left, another couchsurfer came. It was awsome trying to fit all three in my tiny apartment.  Well, we all bonded and talked and exchanged ideas and great music.

Then, on Friday, Bernard, my neighbour, got me to go with him to another town and party with some if his friends I met a few weeks ago. Well, the weekend started with two and a half bottles of wine on the bus to Hongcheon. Then another few bottles of wine at Family Mart, maybe some beer and soju too. Crazy evening with Jen, Danny and Bernard. We somehow managed to get home at around 1:30am and passed out until late afternoon the next day.

We each had some Korean Morning Care hangover cure from the same Family Mart and eventually at about 2pm we left fir Seoul.

We were going to the Global Gatherings music festival. After a very long hour in the cab, we finally got there. We could hear the music and see loads of people all dressed up heading the same way. I was so excited. It's been such a long time since I've been to an electronic music festival.

And then the music started!!!!!


It was amazing. We danced from 6pm until about 3am. We walked around to different stages and looking for people. It was so nice to be outside and dance to amasing music together with new friends.

We left around 4am and waited at a KFC full of sleeping people for the subway to open at 5:30am so we could go to the bus terminal and each of us go to their respective towns.

Naturally, I slept all day today (Sunday).

Tomorrow I have another couchsurfer coming for was couple pf days.

And then next weekend we're having a Thanksgiving party with hiking the next day. I hope next weekend will be just as amazing as this weekend has been!!!

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