Sunday, October 9, 2011

Global Gatherings - Oct 8,9 2011

Another awesome start to another awesome weekend. It started with a bus ride, 2 bottles of red wine and a funny shirt.
The bus ride was to Hongcheon, the to bottles we obviously drank, the shirt was a cowl-neck and it belonged to Bernard who was trying to be fashionable. After this night, I don't think he ever wore that shirt or any other type of cowl-neck again.

After we arrived in Hongcheon and met up with Jen, we sat in front of a convenience store, bought some alcohol, ordered some fried chicken for delivery and chilled out there for many many hours.
We had many visitors. Bratty students who just wanted to eat our chicken, and some random Korean men who ended up drinking with us for a bit.

Bernard was trying to ask this guy if he thinks his shirt is sexy.

This guy wanted my number. Just kidding! HAHAHA!

Bernard brought his cougar juice (alcohol flask with a leopard print) and was spiking the guys soju. I'm sure he had a headache the next day.

After we finished the alcohol, and soju, and everyone had left, we decided to go check out the festival that was still going on in the town. Jen had to go home to do something, and never came back, so Bernard, Danny and me went off to the drinking tents.

Bernard is still trying to make his shirt seem cool.

Berns and Danny.

This is how my vision was at this point. I think we were drinking magkoli at this point. It's a fermented rice wine. Very very tasty. Oh, and I see a beer bottle next to me. Yea, so we were drinking beer too.

Somehow we managed to get back to Jen's apartment. Danny took the bed, I just sat down. HAHAH! I must have been really happy. 

Next morning, Bernard is trying to be a Hipster.

These are the balloons that are showing us there's a festival going on at that spot.

There was also some sort of exhibition. Very cute pictures.

We were actually on our way to Seoul. There was a big music festival, and last night (Friday), was just the pre-party.

Berns with his cool aviators in the sloooooow cab to the festival grounds.

Here we met up with some more people. We were all very under-dressed. All the Koreans were sporting very fashionable leathery funky things.

They had cool things for sale.

Tents with alcohol and food.

They even had Umpa-Lumpas. 

Glow-sticks and music! YEA!

Bernini is a brand. And they were there. And it was Bernard's birthday, so the guy gave him a free hoodie and some towels.

Around 3 or 4 am we ended up in Hongdae, which is a clubbing district. I don't know why we went there, but the ride was pretty hilarious. Bernard was screaming out of the window: "Mo-han-ya!!", which means: "What are you doing?" He must have learned that phrase that day and was trying to remember it. All the Koreans were finding it hilarious.

After we were all tired, we stopped at a KFC to wait till 5:30am for the subways to start back up so we can go to our respective bus stations and get our bus back to our own towns.

Another wicked weekend!!

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