Monday, October 24, 2011

Busan Fireworks Festival Oct 22,23 2011

This was the Busan (south) fireworks festival. I finally managed to go on the same trip as my neighbour Bernard went on. I've been wanting to go on the same trip for a while.

Everyone met up in the evening in Seoul, and I was planing to meet them as well, but I missed the last bus from my area and so I had to make my own way there in the morning. 

I went down to Busan, took about 6 hours I think, and waited for the group next to the hotel, at a very cute bar, with very nice music and very good beer.

We went over to the beach and found a place to sit down, watch the sun set and wait for the fireworks to begin. I think it was a competition between some countries, and this weekend was Korea, and Japan, and USA, and an East European country. 

And the show begins. I don't know which picture was from which country. 

It was a lot of fun. 

Then, after the show, we all went out to eat and clubbing. We went to this one bar where the bartenders were throwing around fiery drinks. I don't remember much.

In the morning, we went to find breakfast at an English breakfast restaurant.

I made some cool new friends. 

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