Saturday, January 14, 2012

I want Thailand

Everything is not worth the money here.

Maybe I've moved up on the travellers expectation ladder, but I feel riped off everywhere I go in this country.

From service to product, the cost is high, and quality is not even mediocre.

When I pay 60$ for a day trip, I expect a lot. When a meal costs 1$, a pack of cigarettes also costs 1$, and a large 1.5L bottle of water costs 3$, 60$ is a shit load of money in this country.

I wish I could go to Thailand earlier, but I just tried to change my flight from Hanoi to Bangkok, and it can't be changed.

So, I'm stuck in this shameless, dirty and uncivilised place.

I went to check how much a pair of simple pants would cost to be made. The woman had the nerve to quote me 40$. SERIOUSLY!!!!!?????

It costs 50$ to make a suite with pants and jacket and shirt. How the hell did she think I'd say yes to that shit deal??

Anyways. I haven't been able to trust any of the local people. Wherever I've gone, regardles of my behaviour, if I was friendly or bossy or rude, they still tried to rip me off at every possible step. Make me feel guilty and buy something, push me into buying something I don't want, being in my face all the time.

I experienced similar hassles in Thailand and Cambodia, but there it was done in a much more benevolent way. Here, I feel like are out to rob me.

I'm trying to be positive, but it's really difficult when there's not much to be positive about.

I just regret coming here, and wasting my money and vacation time. I don't know what other people have done to enjoy this place so much more.


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