Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Now I want to stay longer

So, after Hanoi, and after meeting up with one of my neighbours, everything got better.

I didn't feel so angry about beeing cheated everywhere, I wasn't so depressed and was able to see the nice and wonderful things about this place.

Today I had a great time in Hanoi with the family of a Vietnamese friend from Korea, I had a nice long chat with one of the hostel staff about Korean music and Korean TV dramas and Korean culture in general. I also met a really cool French girl from a tiny island off of Madagascar on my morning free walking tour. I'll be going to visit her on her little island in the next few years.

I also bought a great silk sleeping bag because I gave the other one that I had to Manon, the French girl from The Island.

I am at the end of my stay in Vietnam and it's finally starting to get better.

I wish I could stay longer to do the trip up to Sapa and to Halong Bay. Those are supposed to be fantastic.

The hostel where I'm staying at actually feels like a proper hostel, run by young people who have travelled, for people who are travelling, a hostel who is honest about their room rates and availability, and is honest about their available tours.

There's even a free breakfast, so you know they're not out to screw and scam you.

It's comfortable and the people here are also proper travellers, not just young people looking to get drunk in a cheap and exotic place.

I think I might come back to Vietnam now, but only up here to Hanoi and do the things I didn't get a chance to do.

Also, I learned how to do things a lot cheaper here, but that means not sticking to my strickt diet, and just eating local street food that is delicious, but is all carbs.

I have learned a lot on this trip, and I kind of want to do it again and kick this countrys ass all over the place, and show it I know how to handle myself.

I failed once, but I have learned and the next time around I'm not going to fail again!

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