Monday, January 30, 2012

Thailand - Jan 2012

After an incredibly stressful trip in Vietnam, I finally arrived in the land of my dreams, Thailand.

I met up with my sis and her boyfriend Mihai, and together we went on a mad journey through the awesomeness that is Thailand.

I deleted my previous picture because it showed my face when I was till fat. None of that now!! 

We are on the small plane going to Surat Thani. Usually, I take the bus package that takes me all the way to the island, but because of time limitation, we chose to fly there.

My sis and her hat.

We arrived at Surat Thani. YAAY!!

From the airport to the pier we had to go up these roller-coaster-like roads. A few years back, these were just muddy jungle roads. Now they are paved but still going up and down like crazy.

I wouldn't like to run/cycle/walk these roads.

At the pier, waiting for our boat to take us to the island of awesomeness. Koh Phangan.

Once on the island, we took a little boat with a car engine strapped to the back to take us to our bay, Haad Tien.

We're here!!

The beach, and the boats dropping people off.

This is our bungalow. Aircon, hot shower, TV, sofa! Very classy!

Our patio. 

The inside.

I was exhausted!! 

We went for a walk around the area. 

Eden, oh... the memories :)

This was an awesome restaurant up there on the cliff. Amazing food!!


We ate here very often. 

Still tired.

Awww, that's so pretty!!

The stairs leading up to Horizon Muai Thai Boxing Camp where I was a few years ago.

That was my view for 1 month before.

And there's a new puppy there. I'm not surprised with how much attention that pretty dog got.

The end of the walking area, where there's another little resort that doesn't like fasters because they can't appreciate their delicious food.

That looks so good!

Beach puppies taking up the chairs.

Black and white playing together.

Spirit shrines. 

After a couple of days of relaxing, we went on 2 day trips. It was kinda difficult leaving our area, just because there weren't any boats there in the morning. 

I don't remember which trip was which or in which order we saw the places, but well, these first pictures are about the lagoon we visited.

Insanely steep stairs.

But the view was definitely worth it. We couldn't swim in it because it was a protected park.

We also visited a Chinese style palace. It was beautiful. 

This is how pineapples grow.

We also went snorkeling a lot, but the camera with the pictures was lost :(

In the afternoon we went to this beautiful beach. 

On the last day, we left the Sanctuary, and came to main beach, the Full Moon party beach called Haad Rin. We stayed there at a hotel because we had to catch a ride in the morning to catch the plane and get back to Bangkok.

They had Papaya trees on their property. I love Papayas, these fruits were huge!!

Back in Bangkok, we had one day and night of debauchery before we had to go our separate ways.

It was a strange time. 

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