Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Paleo Diet

I've embarked on this getting healthy journey a few times, and every time I seemed to fail and return to unhealthy practices, much like my previous smoke quitting attempts.

After I finally was able to quit smoking, which turned out to be incredibly easy with the help of Allen Carr's book "The easy way to quit smoking", I realised I can so a lot of thing I previously though I wouldn't be able to do. Loosing weight, eating healthy and becoming fit were a few of those things.

Since I decided to spend more money on buying healthier and better quality food, I've enjoyed very tasty food that was easy to make and easy to clean up after cooking.

In the mornings I have a shake made up of two powders. One is a multivitamin with added probiotics, spirulina, and other good for you things. The second powder is a protein powder to give me the required 30grams of protein for the morning meal.

These are the two powders:

I bought them from and they were delivered to my house, right up to my door within 1 week. Not expensive to buy, not expensive to ship. Great products.

Then, for lunch and dinner I usually have a piece of meat, either beef, chicken or fish, some sauteed vegetables and a salad. I haven't been getting enough protein during these two meals, and I've decided to add 1 or 2 eggs to each of these meals as well.

Now, like many other people I'm sure, I like to buy fresh vegetables in the hope that I'll use them in my every day cooking. But, again, like many people, I get lazy sometimes, or I don't have the time, and some veggies stay in the fridge far longer than they should, and subsequently go bad. Yes, I'm sure we've all done that. Well, with the help of the fabulous online shopping available throughout Korea, I've found a couple of online markets that cater to foreigners, and who sell frozen vegetables and frozen meat.

One wonderful site is (very ironically titled), and the other is

From fatbag I order my veg, and from nicemarket I order my meat. 

Here's a regular breakdown of the things I buy, and their prices. I the end, I think they are cheaper than their fresh from the butcher or the local shop alternatives, and a hundred times more convenient and easy to keep and easy to use in my daily cooking. 

And then, besides the frozen things that are very easy to defrost either overnight, or just in the morning and have ready for lunch, I buy the salad ingredients from the local market. It doesn't cost a lot per week. I buy onions, garlic, salad and carrots. 

This last one is a lot bigger than I would have made it voluntarily, but I was told that I'm not getting enough protein, and that the Paleo diet requires a lot more meat than you'd regularly eat. So, instead of eating two steaks, which would be just too much, I added some eggs. LOVED IT.

I've been really enjoying this food, and it takes me 15 minutes to cook each meal, including the prep time. So, when I come home for lunch, and only have 1 hour, I've got plenty of time to cook, eat and relax a little.

This is only the end of the first week, so it's still new and exciting, but next month I'll be getting one of the Paloe cook books and I'll see what other combinations are possible with my available ingredients.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good, good luck! Monica

Anonymous said...

Stupid diet choice! Vegan is healthier.