Sunday, March 25, 2012

Film Fest + ManYi's Birthday - March 23, 24

Another great weekend ahead!!

It started with a not so pleasant lunch at my elementary school. It's all good food, just not what I can eat. 

Carbs and dairy. NO!!

When I got to Seoul, in the bus terminal I stopped and had some meaty spicy soup just to get something better in my system.

Then I met up with Erin at a cinema that was running a Korean Independent Film Festival for which I had tickets to. The movie was very cute, and luckily it had English subtitles, so we had an idea of what the story was about.

After, I was super hungry, and felt like having some steak. I was staying in Itaewon, the foreign district, and luckily this Australian steak restaurant was still open.


Next day again. This time at Geckos, I stopped for a brunch steak.

In the afternoon, I met up with my friend Man Yi. She's from Toronto. It was her birthday.
We stayed at this guesthouse/hostel. Kind of pricey, but a very good location.

Man Yi is the girl in the green sweater at the far end. 

We had a nice BBQ, but like always, there just wasn't enough meat!

Afterwards, we went out to a bar in Hongdae, the clubbing district.

Man Yi on the right, a Russian friend, a co-teacher and me.

We ended up at Zen bar, the place where the party goes wild!

At some point in the morning, we stumbled around and found a Gamjatang restaurant. It's a pork spine stew.  The meat is incredibly soft and delicious!

After sleeping a few hours, it was time to check out at 11am of our hostel, and head out in search of breakfast before heading back to Geojin. We found this expensive but great buffet place. This is what I ate.

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