Sunday, August 4, 2013


I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit disappointing.

The last week of school has come and gone.

I said my farewells to my elementary school and had a very nice last day with my two students.

The next day, I said my farewells and had again a wonderful day with my high school students.

Then, my last day at my middle school has also come and gone.

I said good bye to some of the classes I had, but I didn't get a chance to talk to all my students. Some of my classes were cancelled.

That was OK, I saw some of them on the hall way and talked to them a bit then.


What did upset me...

At the end of a semester, there usually is a big dinner, to say bye to the teachers for the summer or if it's at the end of the year, to say bye to any teachers that are leaving.

Well, this time around there's been nothing.

Half of the teachers are gone this week, and the other half will be gone next week, so there won't be another chance to see everyone and say my farewells.

I know most teachers and students are indifferent about my classes and lessons, but this is the first time I feel unappreciated.

Yes, I have not interacted with many of the teachers lately so I know it might be a bit out of place to say anything to me.

But not even the teachers with who I've made an effort to talk to regularly have said anything to me.

I've been at this school for 5 years, more than any of the people here.

But it feels like I'm not an important member of the school staff, like my time here hasn't meant anything, like my leaving means nothing.

That's really sad and disappointing.


I had a small lunch with the other English Teachers at my middle school, and had a nice little farewell there.
On Friday I said goodbye to the Vice Principal, and one other teacher. The rest, I think are unaware that I'll be leaving and not coming back.

Well, this is it. One more week and then I'm off.

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Anonymous said...

Mda, inteleg cum te simti. Si mai nasol este la servici, cand se stie ca este ziua ta, mergi la servici de ziua ta si nimeni nu iti spune nimica, nu se sarbatoreste si nu primesti nici o atentie, desi exista lista oficiala de birthdays.

La tine cel putin exista scuze, la mine nu a existat - 3 ani la rand!